Elizabeth T., a graduate from the University of California, Irvine, is a “happy, free, confused” twenty-something-year-old (as Taylor Swift penned in her hit 2013 single, ’22’).

Born and raised in sunny Los Angeles, California, Elizabeth started her blog as a creative outlet to showcase her love for fashion and beauty through her other passion in life – writing.

With a love for chic and effortless ensembles, Elizabeth creates styles that range from elegant and refined, to youthful and fun, to romantic and flirty, and even edgy and sophisticated.

In creating Clothes to Youuu, Elizabeth hopes to inspire readers all around the world to see fashion as a form of art and self-expression by sharing snippets of her personal style through her fun and unique fashion photos, great beauty and makeup finds, and quality prose.

Clothes to Youuu got its name from Elizabeth’s aspiration to not only bring fashion and styling inspiration to her readers, but also from her desire to develop a friendship with each of her viewers, hence bringing “clothes to you” by being “close to you.”

In her free time, Elizabeth likes to sip lattes in coffee shops, buy exquisitely designed clothes and shoes, watch winter sunrises, and document life’s simple moments with her iPhone.

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    • Thank you so much Grace 🙂 I’m really happy to hear that you like my style! It really means a lot! And I’m Chinese American! And aww thank you – that’s so sweet of you! My Instagram account is @elizabeeetht ❤ 😀 So glad we could meet through my blog! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


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