Timeless Jewelry Pieces That Elevate Any Outfit



Can you believe it’s already August? How is the year already more than half over?

As many of you probably already know, this past year, I’ve been trying to be more conscious of my carbon footprint, and as a result, I’ve been actively trying to build a wardrobe with more classic pieces, rather than spending money on fast fashion.

Aside from clothes, I’ve also been curating my jewelry collection, acquiring timeless pieces that will last through the ages. And despite what you think, classic pieces definitely have the ability to elevate and dress up just about any ensemble!

A few months ago, I shared a post about building a timeless wardrobe, so today, I wanted to continue on that note and share with you all the four timeless jewelry pieces that I can’t live without!

1. Classic Necklaces


If I was only allowed to wear any one piece of jewelry from now until the end of time, I’d definitely choose necklaces without a doubt, specifically gold necklaces. In the past, I loved white gold necklaces because they’re so minimal and classy, but that was before I discovered rose gold necklaces! While white gold will always have a special place in my heart, there’s no denying that I’ve been obsessed with rose gold and gold necklaces and jewelry pieces.

There’s just something about the subtle blush tones that add a slight femininity to jewelry pieces, and it also accentuates the necklace’s timelessness, making it the perfect jewelry piece to add an air of regal sophistication to its wearer.

2. Statement Earrings


When talking about timeless jewelry pieces, statement earrings are definitely a staple on my list! While bold earrings are definitely a fan favorite, I tend to lean more towards intricate yet dainty designs that exude more of a subtle statement. For more daytime friendly looks, statement studs are my personal preference, since they’re regal without being too fancy. For a night out, I find that dangling earrings add the perfect touch of romance to just about any ensemble!

3. Stacked Rings


Another staple in my jewelry box are definitely rings! While statement rings are the perfect finishing touches to any look, I’m also a big fan of stacking smaller rings together to achieve a daintier look. They also look great in flatlays, since they really add another layer of dimension to these types of photos.

4. Bracelets


And of course, we can’t forget bracelets! Though I do prefer to wear watches on more of a daily basis, bracelets are the pieces that I tend to save for more special occasions, since they’re daintier and really help to dress up the wrist for a feminine look. For more formal events, I like to stick to simpler and more minimal designers, such as this one from Tiffany and Co. or Joli Moon.

And that’s a wrap on my four favorite timeless jewelry pieces! What are some of your favorite ways to elevate an outfit? Are you a fan of these classic pieces as well? Let me know in the comments if you prefer gold necklaces, stacked rings, statement earrings, or dainty bracelets! How do you incorporate these classic pieces into your ensemble? Always love hearing from all of you!

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84 thoughts on “Timeless Jewelry Pieces That Elevate Any Outfit

  1. These are lovely and minimalist pieces! Love the way you’ve displayed your necklaces on your wall, I consider a lot of my accessories works of art, so always looking for new ways to display them!
    Have a lovely Sunday, Xo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m in love with basic pearl earrings and a necklaces with small pendant, they fit with everything and compliment any outfit ❤
    Btw really love your necklace hanger, I think I'll look for something similar, cos I always have problems storing jewellery.



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