5 Ways to Elevate Your Flatlays


Hi everyone! I’m finally back with another blog post! It’s definitely been awhile, since I’ve been busy juggling YouTube and a few other projects as well, but I’m so excited to be back today with some tips about… flatlays!

At the beginning of this year, I wanted to challenge myself a bit more in terms of creativity. Rather than always just being the one in the photos, I wanted to try my hands at being behind the camera as well!

One of my favorite photos to shoot are definitely beauty flatlays because they’re so aesthetically pleasing, and the process of setting everything up to capture an image exactly as you envisioned is so fulfilling!

I’ve definitely improved in my flatlay photography skills throughout this past year, and I’ve also received so many compliments on both the blog and Instagram, so I wanted to share with you some of my tips to making a more vibrant and dimensional photo! Read on to see how I elevate a flatlay!

1. Jewelry + Other Knick-Knacks


As you all already probably know, there’s no better way to add an air of sophistication to any look than with accessories, and the same can be said about flatlay photography. Never underestimate the importance of jewelry and other knick-knacks, since they can often add just the right hint of elegance to a photo.

My favorites to add to any flatlay are rings or watches, since they’re a set shape and size, so they’re easy to work in structurally. Aside from these jewelry pieces, I occasionally use necklaces or bracelets, though this largely depends on what kind of flatlay I’m taking, since the chains on necklaces or bracelets are a little harder to style.

2. Coffee Table Books + Magazines


Another easy way to add varying elements in a flatlay is through the use of books or magazines. Rather than just your typical novel, try opting for something with an interesting cover. My favorites are definitely coffee table books, since they’re usually vibrant or have quirky titles.

Another easy prop are magazines. Don’t feel limited to just using the cover, since this can be limiting in terms of color palette. Instead, try flipping through some pages to find a something that matches the color scheme of your flatlay!

3. Flowers or Plants


Of course, who could forget flowers or plants? These add a subtle hint of nature into your photos, which really helps to add a touch of effortlessness to a flatlay.

I am a huge fan of blooms, and I try to incorporate these into my shoots year round. In the past, I opted for artificial flowers that I purchased at my local arts and crafts store, but recently, I’ve been obsessed with these boxed, forever roses from The Only Roses!

I’m sure you’ve seen these boxed roses on Instagram, but what you don’t know is that these blooms actually last for up to a year! The Only Roses uses the highest quality roses that are preserved to last through time. With a variety of choices, such as different colors and an assortment of packaging styles, these roses not only make the perfect flatlay prop, they’re also a great gift idea, especially if you’re looking to get something special for an anniversary or birthday or graduation!

4. Fragrances


In addition, I find fragrances to be such a good addition to flatlays, especially perfumes! The bottles are always so unique, and they add such an interesting touch and dimension to photos.

Rather than opting for full-sized fragrances, which can oftentimes overshadow the rest of the items in a flatlay, I like to include sample sizes instead, since they’re cuter and easier to rearrange.

5. Cup of Coffee or Tea

And of course, last but not least, is cup of coffee or tea! If you’ve been following me for awhile now, then you’ll know that I’m a huge caffeine addict, and I can usually be found hanging out in a cafe on my days off.

Aside from the obvious caffeine rush that I get from consuming coffee or tea, one other reason why I love visiting cafes is because they always have latter art! These make for the best candid props and add a nice touch to flatlay photos, especially if you’re photographing products that are more lifestyle-based.

And that’s a wrap on the 5 simple ways I elevate my flatlay photos! Let me know how you style your flatlays, and be sure to share some of your photography tips as well!

Also, don’t forget to checkout The Only Roses if you’re on the lookout for some beautiful blooms!

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43 thoughts on “5 Ways to Elevate Your Flatlays

    • Yesss, flatlays are my absolute favorite to create! ❤ 🙂 And I actually bought marble contact paper and taped it over a flat piece of cardboard to get the "marble table" LOL! It works very well!


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