I Started a YouTube Channel!

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It’s been awhile since I’ve published a post on the blog, and the reason is because… I finally started a YouTube channel!

I’ve played around with the idea of starting a YouTube channel for the past five or six years, but I’ve alway been paralyzed by fear because I’m just a shy and soft-spoken person by nature.

This year, though, I really wanted to challenge myself to step out of my comfort zones because growth will never happen unless I try something different.

It would really mean so much to me if you can hop on over to my channel to show my first few videos some support! 🙏🏻 Welcoming all constructive feedback! ❤️ Also, let me know if there are any types of videos that you’d like to see!

I’ll still try my best to update the blog with helpful fashion and beauty tips, but since I’m also taking classes during the week on top of working full-time, blog posts will follow a looser schedule. Thank you so much for being so patient! I can’t wait to produce even more great content for all of you!

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25 thoughts on “I Started a YouTube Channel!

  1. Awww you seem so pleasant and gentle in your videos just like how you appear to be in photos! It’s my first time hearing your voice and I can now match your personality to all these photos I’ve seen from your blog. 🙂 Thank you for sharing with us your YouTube video and can’t wait to see more YouTube videos you create!

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