The Perfect Dress for Coachella & Festival Season



We’re nearing the end of March, and before we know it, it’ll be Coachella and the start of festival season! Though I’m not going to be attending any festivals this year, I’m always such a big fan of festival season and all of the bohemian chic outfits that grace this time of the year!

There’s just something about the warm sunshine, the relaxing desert, and the abundance of freedom that makes Coachella and festival season somewhat dreamy and magical (and all of the flower crowns and sparkly makeup definitely helps add to that illusion as well)!

That’s why, despite not attending, I’m still very much into the whole Coachella style scene! If you’re going to be going this year, and you’re still shopping for your festival looks, look no further because I’ve found the perfect dress for the season – this breezy maroon number with high slits, made of a slightly sheer fabric!

This dress is actually a beach cover-up, but I found the silhouette to be so elegant that I wanted to wear it out too! With a lacy camisole and a pair of shorts inside, this dress can definitely be worn on its own, instead of just as a cover-up. This also makes it perfect for Coachella, since the weather can definitely shift drastically throughout the day; with this breezy number, you can always take it off if it ever gets too hot!

With super high slits, you can be sure you’ll get around the venue easily, since this isn’t constraining at all. Plus, this helps to give the illusion of super long legs! Another big perk – the slightly sheer fabric can also double-up to protect you from getting sun-burned when it gets a little sunnier in the afternoon!

The dress also has long sleeves, so it can add a slight layer of warmth, just in case it gets a little windy, as it normally does in the desert. To finish off the ensemble, I added my trusty leather ankle boots, which add a touch of ruggedness back to the ensemble, making it perfect for a day in the desert, don’t you think?


On Me

Forever 21 Sheer M-Slit Maxi Dress in Maroon

Sam Edelman Karlee Ankle Bootie in Black Leather

Are you a fan of wearing dresses to Coachella? What is your go-to festival season look? Let me know in the comments because I always love hearing from all of you!

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