What to Wear When You’re Bored of Winter Fashion



It’s officially February, and needless to say, I’m pretty much over this whole winter thing… Aren’t you?!

While I do love a classic camel coat and can never say no to cozy cable knits, it’s just been too long since I’ve felt the warmth of California’s sunshine! Though it’s still chilly, I’ve been slowly shedding my layers in hopes of spring arriving sooner! Because, you know, if I dress like it’s spring, it’s bound to make an earlier arrival, right? HAA, just kidding, I don’t want to freeze just yet because the cold does actually bother me just a bit…

On a more serious note, here are my go-to pieces when I’m just a little tired (and very much bored) of winter fashion! I’m still trying to stay cozy, but this easy outfit formula has definitely helped to make my ensembles a bit more interesting! Read on to see what essentials I keep reaching for, and let me know what yours are!

1. Lacy Camisole

Though it’s definitely not warm enough to wear camisoles on their own just yet, I haven’t been able to stop reaching for these lacy pieces because they just add such a nice touch of subtle femininity to my knits. Whether they’re just barely peaking out from underneath a cozy jumper, or they’re worn as a top with outerwear to pull the whole look together, lacy camisoles are a definite wardrobe staple for me during these last few weeks of winter because they’re fun to wear and subtly hint at the warmer weather that’s to come really soon!

2. Cozy Long Cardigan

Of course, no winter look is ever complete without a cozy cardigan, right? While I do love my coats, there are definitely days where I want to wear something a little more relaxed and easy to move around in, and this is when I usually reach for my cardigans. I love a cozy oversized fit or a longer and more drooping shape, since these give off a more effortless and casual vibe. Plus, they’re the perfect cover-up to wear on top of a lacy camisole, since they’re cozy, yet still give you the option to subtly show some shoulder for a less stuffy winter ensemble.

3. Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

While I love my skinny jeans, there’s no doubt that boyfriend denim has slowly been taking over my heart too. What’s not to love about the slouchier fit and the higher waist? Plus, when worn in a distressed cut, this adds the perfect touch of ruggedness to a feminine outfit, balancing it out for an ensemble that’s visually intriguing as well. Another big plus – a lighter, distressed wash stands out even more during the colder months, since most winter outfits tend to largely consist of a darker color palette.

4. Statement Faux Suede Hat

To finish off the whole look and pull everything together, I’ve been reaching for my signature black, floppy hat to add a touch of mystery and sophistication to my ensembles. While hats are usually reserved for the spring and summer, I find that this faux suede type of hat is perfect for the fall and winter, especially in a darker color, because it gives an ensemble an elusive vibe.


On Me

Abercrombie & Fitch Lace Camisole in Blush Pink

Hollister Distressed Boyfriend Jeans in Light Wash

H&M Long Wool Blend Cardigan in Light Gray

Sam Edelman Karlee Pointed-Toe Booties in Black Leather

Forever 21 Faux Suede Floppy Hat in Black

Rebecca Minkoff Chevron Quilted Love Crossbody in Baby Blue

  • Other colors available here

What’re some of your favorite ways to dress when you’re bored of winter clothes? Let me know in the comments because I always love hearing from all of you!

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