4 Textures That Elevate Any Winter Look



It’s almost the end of January, and even though I’ve been loving coat and sweater weather so much, I secretly can’t wait for the spring and all of the good things that come with longer days and warmer weather! Must be the LA-girl in me haha!

Although I’m wishing for sunnier and warmer days already, there’s no denying that we’re still right smack in the middle of winter, with February being one of the grayest and dreariest months ever before we’re blessed with spring. Around this time of the year, I’m pretty sure most of you have lost inspiration to dress “cute” and just opt to stay warm until the winter is finally over.

I, however, won’t let the gloomy weather get to me! Just because it’s cold, it doesn’t mean we have to give up our style, right? Or at least, that’s my attitude – we can definitely manage to remain stylish while still being warm! If you want to see how I achieve looks that are both functional yet chic, read on to see the four easy textures you can incorporate into your outfits to elevate any look!

1. Cable Knit

Without a doubt, cable knits are definitely a wardrobe essential for the winter, whether it’s in the form of a sweater, pullover, jumper, or even sweater dress! Though knits may seem “boring” since they’re basically a part of the winter uniform, the key to helping these layers stand out is by opting for pieces that are distinguished by their cable / knit patterns.

For instance, I usually reserve my chunkier knits for cozier looks, especially if I’m thinking of pairing an oversized coat with it. On days where I want to look more polished, I opt for knits that are made up of thinner threads because it helps the outfit look a bit more delicate.

2. Corduroy

Corduroy may seem a bit “old-school,” but I’ve been seeing this fabric around more and more recently, so it looks like it’s definitely making a comeback! I love how feminine and refined corduroy looks – the rich fabric really helps to add that touch of luxe to an outfit.

When I was younger, corduroy trousers were definitely a wardrobe staple for me in the winter, but now that I’m a little older, I tend to shy away from pants in this fabric because they’re not too flattering on my thighs, one of the body parts I’m the most self-conscious about. Instead, I’ve found a newfound-love for corduroy skirts – they’re still made of this elegant fabric, but at the same time, the skirt adds a touch of fun to a winter outfit, don’t you think?

3. Suede

Of course, I don’t think the topic of winter dressing can be completed without the mention without another staple – suede!

Suede definitely looks fabulous on a variety of pieces, but my absolute favorite way to wear this fabric is in the form of footwear. There’s just something about suede boots that look extra refined, yet cozy. My favorites lately have been over-the-knee boots because they’re chic yet sophisticated, but at the same time, functional since they keep your legs so warm!

4. Faux Fur

And of course, last but definitely not least is faux fur! Needless to say, this luxurious texture adds the perfect touch of sophistication to just about any outfit, don’t you agree?

When styling faux fur coats, jackets, or vests, I find that it’s important to opt for a statement piece, since this exaggerated texture can do wonders in elevating a look. It’s amazing how it can totally transform a simple pair of jeans or a casual knit, making it instantly elegant, classy, and timeless.

On Me

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Rebecca Minkoff Chevron Quilted Love Crossbody in Baby Blue

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What’re some of your favorite textures / fabrics for the colder months? Let me know in the comments because I always love hearing from all of you!

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