3 Winter Wardrobe Staples That Make You Look Taller and Leaner



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One of the most common questions I get from my friends and family members is how to dress functionally in the colder months without looking like a dumpling. And to answer this FAQ, I’m going to be bringing it back to one of my firmest beliefs when it comes to fashion and styling. If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, then you know how much I stress dressing for your body, and how it can do wonders when you pick clothes that accentuate the areas you’re most confident about!

For instance, I’m a part of the itty-bitty club (32B), but what I lack in volume, I make up for in height (5’ 7”, or 170cm if that’s your preference). This is why I tend to gravitate towards outfits that accentuate my longer and leaner limbs. And through years of experience, I’ve put together the basic formula to creating winter outfits that help you look taller and leaner! If you’d like to know how too, read on!

1. Cropped Knit Sweater

Contrary to popular belief that crop tops will cut up your top section, they actually do wonders in helping to elongate the lower body, or more specifically, your legs! When worn with high-waisted bottoms, crop tops help to bring attention to your thinner middle section, which effectively creates a “mock” hourglass shape, even for girls like me, who don’t have too much curves, by accentuating the figure, highlighting the waistline, and elongating the legs overall.

2. Body-Con Velvet Skirt

Now that we have the top taken care of, let’s move on to the bottoms! There are so many high-waisted options nowadays, from high-waisted jeans, to trousers, to shorts, and of course, skirts! Though the colder weather definitely has me gravitating towards jeans and trousers, there’s just something about a cropped knit sweater and skirt combo that looks extra feminine for the winter, don’t you think?

To match the current weather conditions, I opted for a black velvet number that’s sophisticated yet fun and flirty. The ruffles are definitely an extra bonus, since it fills out the bottom and offers some volume, which helps to make the waist and legs appear even leaner, which is our main objective.

3. Over-The-Knee Boots

And of course, to finish off the whole ensemble, over-the-knee boots are definitely the perfect choice when it comes to elongating the legline! There’s a common misconception that over-the-knee boots may overwhelm some more petite individuals, but I’ve found that that’s not necessarily the case, since the form-fitting silhouette really highlights the figure for a leaner and taller appearance.

The key, of course, is to find a pair that fits well. In the past, I always struggled with finding over-the-boots that fit me without sagging because even though I’m on the taller side, my calves aren’t too muscular. These Marc Fisher OTK boots that I’m wearing in these photos are total game changers though. These were recommended through Extra Petite’s blog, and the main thing that sold it for me was the fact that they were made for girls with thinner calves!

The fit really makes all the difference because these boots make my legs go on for days!


On Me

Forever 21 Ribbed Knit Crop Sweater in Tan

Urban Outfitters Ruffle Hem Velvet Wrap Mini Skirt in Black

Marc Fisher LTD. Yuna Over the Knee Boot Women Narrow Calf in Black

Anya Hindmarch Smiley Face Crossbody

What’re some of your tips and tricks to helping you look taller and leaner? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this too!

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32 thoughts on “3 Winter Wardrobe Staples That Make You Look Taller and Leaner

  1. OMG girll!! You are so tall being 5’7. Hehe I’m the shorty club 5’3 so I need all that extra height I can get. Thanks for sharing with us your tips so that I can implement this to my style choices. 😛



  2. I definitely need these look taller and leaner tips! Wow I had no idea you were so tall! So jealous lol. I stand a mere 5’3″ and love the look of this outfit. You definitely play with your height well and every outfit you put together is gorgeous and effortless. Love these staple OTK boots for everyday wear and this skirt is too cute.

    Christine | https://dailykongfidence.com/


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