4 Timeless Winter Trends to Elevate Your Wardrobe



Happy 2019! I know it’s been a few weeks since 2019 officially started, but this is my first official post of the year, and I’m so excited to be back! After a much needed break from social media and the blog during the last few weeks of December, I’m back with a renewed sense of creativity and inspiration, and I can’t wait to tackle this new year!

Around the middle of last year, I started writing blog posts that focused more on styling tips, and needless to say, these posts have shown to be more popular, both on the blog and on Instagram! I’m always trying my best to bring you all content that will add value and meaning to your life, so this year, I’m not only going to try to push my creative boundaries in terms of photography and the outfits that I showcase, but I’m also super excited to craft more meaningful posts that not only touch on styling tips, but that also incorporate lifestyle tidbits and advice! Can’t wait to get started! Are you guys as excited as I am?

Now that I’ve written down my intentions and visions for 2019, let’s get started on one of my favorite topics of all time – how to elevate your wardrobe for the season! Though it may be tempting to refresh your closet every season, finding new ways to style pieces that are already in your collection does wonders in pushing your creativity in terms of dressing! This winter, there are 4 timeless winter trends that I’ve been counting on to elevate my looks! Read on to see what pieces I can’t live without this season!

1. Winter Whites

I’m sure most of you have seen the “winter white” trend popping up on your Instagram or Pinterest, and you either hate it or love it. I’m definitely a part of the “love it” club because there’s nothing more classy and timeless than this lighter color palette, don’t you think?

There’s just something about wearing lighter colors during the colder months that just makes outfits stand out amidst the sea of darker tones, and it also makes me feel like I’m living in a winter wonderland of some sort!

Whether you’re a fan of this trend or not, there’s no denying that a white coat, a white chunky knit, or a pair of white booties adds just the right touch of modern chic to just about any ensemble.

2. Teddy Coats

Another trend that you either love or hate – teddy coats. When teddy coats first started becoming popular, I was a little hesitant to jump on the bandwagon because the material they’re made of is so hard to take care of. After a few washes, teddy coats never look or feel quite the same.

At the same time, though, I couldn’t deny the super chic and cozy outfits that I kept seeing on Instagram, and now that I have one too, I can’t get enough! Not only is it super functional and cozy, it just looks so sophisticated when I pair it with even a simple pair of jeans on an off day!

3. Satin and Lace

Regardless of the season, satin and lace can never go out of style, don’t you agree? Lately, I’ve been loving satin camisoles because they’re just so effortlessly elegant, and I find that lace trimming also adds just the perfect touch of subtle femininity.

4. Checked Trousers

And of course, the one trend that I can’t live without this season are definitely plaid / checked trousers! They’re just so timeless and reminiscent of a more vintage English style that’s both put-together yet laidback at the same time. Trousers have definitely become more popular these past few seasons, and I can definitely see the appeal. Not only are they super comfortable yet functional, they look so sophisticated!


On Me

Abercrombie & Fitch Lace Trimmed Satin Camisole in Blush

H&M Checked Paper-Bag Pants in Tan

H&M Faux Fur Jacket in White

Nine West Oxfords in White

Anya Hindmarch Smiley Face Crossbody


What’re some of your favorite winter trends? How do you elevate your wardrobe during the colder months? Let me know in the comments because I always love hearing from all of you!

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