4 Ways to Look Effortlessly Chic & Elevate a Hoodie for the Fall / Winter









Happy December! I can’t believe it’s the first official week of the last month of the year! Why is time passing by so fast?!

Though I’m sad 2018 is ending (since I haven’t achieved all that I’ve set out to for the year), I’m also super excited for Christmas (because what’s not to love about the season, with its festive music, sparkly decorations, and joyful moments with loved ones)!

As it’s nearing winter, LA has actually finally started to cool down, and at night, it can get pretty chilly. On days where I’m feeling extra lazy, it can be so easy to just reach for my trusty hoodies, but at the same time, they can look a little too casual, making it look like I just rolled out of bed. But there are definitely ways to elevate hoodies for a chic look that’s casual enough for an easy day yet sophisticated enough to go out in! Read on to see how I style my hoodies for an elevated look that’s perfect for the holiday season!

1. Opt for a Branded Hoodie

Though I have a large collection of hoodies in my wardrobe, on lazy days, I still tend to gravitate towards my branded hoodies, especially ones from sporty brands, as this can play up the “athleisure” vibes of my overall ensemble. As I said before, there’s a fine line between wearing a hoodie fashionably and wearing it casually, so any subtle ways to set your hoodie apart from just one that you sleep in will help to elevate it. Some of my favorite hoodies to wear are my Nike or Adidas ones. And of course, if you have any old hoodies from your alma mater, those definitely work too, as it adds a collegiate feel to your outfit as a whole.

2. Pair with Skinny Jeans

Though it may be tempting to opt for joggers or other types of athletic bottoms, remember fashion is all about balance. While sweatshirts and hoodies definitely match leggings and joggers, wearing them together will absolutely make it look like you just literally rolled out of bed. Instead, I usually opt for skinny jeans because they’re the perfect pair of casual bottoms that still look put-together and chic. Another plus – they hug the figure, which can help streamline your entire look, rather than looking frumpy and overshadowed by a bulky and oversized hoodie.

3. Throw a Coat Over Your Hoodie

And of course, the most integral step in creating a chic outfit with your hoodie that elevates the entire look – there’s no better way to do so than by literally throwing a classier piece of outerwear on top. When you think of fall and winter wardrobes, there’s nothing more classic and timeless than coats because they add the perfect touch of sophistication to just about any ensemble. Of course, another one of the best things about coats and hoodies is that they’re easy to layer, making them super convenient to wear together.

4. Finish Off with a Pair of Classic White Kicks

And to finish off the entire outfit, I opt for a pair of classic white kicks to add that touch of athleisure back to the ensemble, which matches perfectly with the sporty branded hoodie and gives off a casual, effortless vibe that’s chic yet understated.





On Me

MISSGUIDED Camel Long Length Formal Coat

Adidas Original Trefoil Oversize Hoodie in Black

Forever 21 Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans

Adidas Originals Stan Smith in Cloud White / Gold Metallic




Are you a fan of hoodies during the colder months? What’re some of your favorite ways to style hoodies or other casual pieces? Let me know in the comments because I always love hearing from all of you!

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32 thoughts on “4 Ways to Look Effortlessly Chic & Elevate a Hoodie for the Fall / Winter

  1. The trench coat definitely elevates the look styled with this hoodie!! Haha I’ve never thought to style an outfit this way but then again LA hardly ever gets cold enough for me to layer these thick clothes. 🙂 Looking lovely for Fall girl.



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