4 Tips on How to Wear Black & White for a Casual Summer Look






When you think of the summer, the first colors that come to mind are vibrant and vivid. And although I embrace every aspect of summer and all of the colors that embody one of my favorite seasons, I can’t help gravitating towards black and white time and time again!

I know black and white aren’t really popular choices for the summer, but they’re still one of my favorite color combinations to wear all year round because there’s nothing as timeless, sophisticated, and chic, don’t you think?

When opting for black and white outfits, never underestimate the importance of… details! Read on to see how I use various details to set my classic yet chic ensemble apart from a basic black and white outfit!

1. Look for for Crop Tops with Subtle Details

It’s no news that crop tops are insanely popular and continue to be one of the most trending silhouettes throughout all of the seasons of the year, and I can definitely see why! There’s just something about this top’s shorter length that accentuates the waist at just the right place for a subtly sensual yet casual look that’s inimitable!

When styling black and white ensembles, I gravitate towards crop tops because they’re chicer than your normal tee, but at the same time, they’re simple and casual enough for a fresh summer look. For an added focal point, I opted for a crop top that has a little knot detail in the front, making it an instant eye catcher despite its simple nature.

2. Opt for Skirts and Shorts with Fun Silhouettes

While I love a traditional a-line mini skirt or denim cut-offs for the summer, these choices are definitely not my first when styling a black and white ensemble. While these silhouettes will always be timeless, to really help a black and white outfit stand, try choosing skirts, shorts, or bottoms that presents a more intricate visual effect through fabric, cutting, or details.

For this outfit, I opted for a body-con skirt with a literal asymmetrical hem and a variety of zipper details. This not only creates such an interesting silhouette and visual contrast, this skirt instantly catches your eye because it’s so different from a typical a-line skirt.

Friendly tip though – when choosing silhouettes for bottoms, it’s important to try things on to make sure it doesn’t mess up your body’s natural proportions, since some silhouettes can make legs look shorter than they really are. Although the asymmetrical hem of this skirt may have that effect, a body-con fit ensures that my natural curves are highlighted, which helps to elongate the lower body.

3. Play Around with Black Tops and White Bottoms

While I opted for a more “traditional” white-top-and-black-bottoms ensemble, one of the funnest and easiest ways to mix up a black and white outfit is to swap the colors around! White bottoms, especially white denim and trousers, are an immediate eye catcher already, so this quick little twist on the dynamics of the color combo can help your outfit immediately stand out even though you’re wearing one of the most simple color combos in fashion!

4. Don’t Forget Shoes and Accessories

And of course, last but not least, don’t forget about your shoes and accessories! There are literally millions of ways to go about accessorizing your outfit, but I tend to go for classic items with a quirky and fun twist, like these bow-tie sneakers and smiley-face crossbody! Both are timeless accessories, but with embellishments like the huge velvet bow on my sneakers or the little cut-out smiley face on my purse, these accessories immediately catch your eye, don’t you think?


On Me

Zara Cropped Knotted Hem T-Shirt in White

Asymmetrical Hemmed Skirt in Black (Thrifted in Taiwan)

Nine West Odienella Slip-On SneakersΒ in Navy

Anya Hindmarch Smiley Cross Body Bag


What’re some of your favorite ways to mix up a traditional black and white ensemble for the summer? πŸ™‚ Let me know in the comments because I always love hearing from all of you!

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30 thoughts on “4 Tips on How to Wear Black & White for a Casual Summer Look

  1. Such a helpful post, for someone who wears black/white all 4 season, I do need some tips. I personally pair my black tops with white high-waist shorts and denim skirt during summer most of the time. I LOVE the skirt btw! and it’s from Taiwan!! The asymmetrical detail is amazing, it really makes the outfit stand out.

    Tiffany x


  2. What a cute outfit! I love the un-evenness of the skirt. It makes this perfect summer outfit just that much more interesting to look at! Thank you for sharing. I am looking to create a black and white outfit soon πŸ™‚

    Jessica || Cubicle Chic


  3. Great helpful tips!
    I tend to leave my accessories black due to the heat but I really like wearing oversized white blouses recently. When it’s too humid to wear something that buttons all the way up, I leave it open and style it as a light cover up jacket and it’s very flattering!



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