How to Have a “Never-Ending Weekend”

Never Ending Weekend

Oh, weekend!

To few, it may just be a 7 letter word, but to me, weekends mean so much more, and I’m sure for most of you too, the weekends are some of your favorite days of the week too, especially if you have a full-time job, right?

To me, the weekend is not only a time to go out, have fun, and enjoy good times with friends and family, it’s also such an important time to really wind down from the long week that I’ve had and just relax. After all, a weekend that’s well spent in happiness and peace really sets the tone for another week ahead, right?

Thatโ€™s why I’m a huge advocate of the “never-ending weekend” created by True & Co., a company that strives to make women feel comfortable in their own skin.

Built on the belief that weekends are meant for feeling comfort and luxury at the same time, the “never-ending weekend” combines the concepts of a fulfilling weekend that also carries over in to the work week, so you never feel like the weekend has truly ended!

That’s why today, I’ll share with you my version of the “never-ending weekend” with 4 of the things that I do to feel good on the weekends, as well as 4 tips to carry my version of the weekend into the work week.

4 Things I Do to Feel Good on the Weekends

1. Curl Up in Bed with a Good Book


One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is to curl up in bed with a good book! Prior to working, I tried to read a book every two weeks, and while I don’t have enough time to do that anymore, I still try to make it a habit to still read every chance I get. I love reading because it’s like traveling (for really little cost); I literally get transported into the story’s world! And can you think of anything better than a little vacation (and adventure) from the comfort of your own bed? ๐Ÿ˜‰

2. Pamper Myself with an At-Home Manicure and Face Masks


Another one of my favorite ways to wind down during the weekends is by pampering myself! No matter how stressful the week’s been, there’s nothing better than laying down with a sheet mask or treating yourself to a fun little at-home manicure, don’t you agree?

3. Lazy Mornings and Late Brunches with the Girls

And although I’m the world’s biggest homebody (I’ll avoid getting dressed and going out of the house on the weekends at all costs if I can), I can never say no to catching up with my girlfriends over brunch, as long as we don’t have to wake up early! There’s nothing quite like a lazy morning lounging around the house in some of my comfiest lingerie, followed by an early afternoon filled with a couple lattes, waffles, and avocado toast! And of course, now that it’s summer, a mimosa doesn’t hurt too!

4. Catch Up on TV Shows and Movies with the Boyfriend


And last but definitely not least, there’s nothing more relaxing than catching up on television shows and movies! My boyfriend is a big television and film fanatic, so there’s nothing better than just catching up on everything that we missed during the week!

Of course, now that we’ve gone through how to relax during the weekend, let’s talk about how to bring these important moments of comfort, luxury, and self-care into the work week!

4 Tips for Carrying My Version of the Weekend into My Work Week

1. Plan Outfits for the Week Ahead


First off, this is something that no one really thinks about, but I’ve realized that planning the week’s outfits on Sunday night saves you so much time and puts you in a good mood! Not only do I get to sleep at least ten more minutes in the mornings, I love how planning my outfits for the days ahead puts me in a better mood about work for the week. Rather than dreading the few hundred emails I’ll have to reply to on Monday morning, I shift my focus on to what I’m going to wear, and that just instantly puts me in a good mood!

2. Create Content for the Blog


… Or if you don’t have a blog, use this time to find a passion project! There are endless possibilities, and it always a good idea to try different creative endeavors to see which ones excite you the most.

As mentioned before, I have a full-time corporate job, so I usually spend at least one day of the weekend planning and creating a week’s worth of content for my blog and Instagram. And while it may seem tedious to others, these moments of creativity always bring me so much joy and peace because I’m doing something that I love.

To bring some of this happiness into the work week, I spend most of my weeknights working on smaller tasks for my blog and Instagram, since I have limited time. The little moments that I spend during the week working on my blog makes me feel one step closer to my goals and also helps give me focus.

3. Exercise on the Weekend


And of course, there’s nothing that makes a weekend feel more productive than exercising! I admit that I’m pretty lazy throughout the work week, but I try to make up for that by working out at least an hour to an hour and a half every Saturday or Sunday. Working out regularly is healthy and also helps to produce endorphins in the brain, which means more positivity for the week ahead!

To keep up the spurt of positivity that’s associated with exercising, I try to work simple stretches and toning exercises in to my work week, which gives me little moments of relaxation during a stressful week.

4. Prep Smoothie/Juice Ingredients for the Week

Since I still live at home, I’m blessed with having home cooked meals everyday, so meal prep isn’t really something that I consciously think about. However, I am a big fan of juices and smoothies, and there’s nothing that I like more than buying fresh fruit and coming home to wash and freeze them, so I can use them in smoothies and juices throughout the week! “Smoothie and juice prep,” if that makes sense hahaha!

Though I try to be as healthy as possible, it’s harder than it looks, especially during the week when it’s just easier to grab some tacos from down the street or indulge in the bagels catered to the office for meetings. That’s why I love having a self-blended smoothie waiting in the refrigerator because it serves as a reminder to make more health-conscious food choices. Another big plus – prepping my fruits always puts me in a good mood because it’s nice to know what fresh produce you’re actually using and there’s nothing more relaxing than focusing on one simple task!

And that sums up the things I do to carry my version of the weekend in to the work week. What are some of your favorite ways to feel good during the weekend? And what do you do to carry your version of the weekend in to the work week? Let me know in the comments because I always love hearing from you!

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12 thoughts on “How to Have a “Never-Ending Weekend”

  1. Great tips ๐Ÿ˜Š I’ll have to try these out! I like to treat myself on “Self Care Sundays.” It’s really a day for me to pamper myself with a face mask and hot cup of tea. I really like your suggestion of planning outfits and work so you have a less stressful week. Time management is sooo important to our productivity!

    Enjoy your weekend ๐Ÿ’—


  2. I actually in the stage of renovating my home.. here there and the garden… so weekend at home feels like never enough. My goals nowadays is to get home as soon as time shows 5pm.. cause there still lights before sunset… thus I can enjoy more… ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š
    These tips of yours are fab!
    IG @grace_njio


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