4 Styling Tips to Stay Cool This Summer






As it gets closer and closer to sumer, the weather is only going to get warmer and warmer, not that I’m complaining! πŸ™‚ LA has been going through a gloomy phase, and there’s nothing that I look forward to more than sunshine, warm breezes, and those late summer nights!

I can’t wait for the summer, but I know that it can some times be a real drag when getting dressed in the morning for some of you. This doesn’t have to always be the case, though, right?

Read on to see my four styling tips on staying cool this summer! And trust me, this my tried and true formula that works every single season! πŸ™‚

1. Go with Light Colors


I’m pretty sure everyone knows by now that darker colors absorb heat, while lighter colors reflect light. This is why I tend to dress in lighter colors during the summer months! Not only are these lighter color choices easier on the eye, they do a great job in reflecting the sun, so you won’t absorb any excess heat!

In the summer months, I often opt for lighter blues, lavenders, or grays, but my absolute favorite will always be white! πŸ™‚ If plain colors get a little boring for you, don’t be afraid to opt for some fun polka dots (one of this season’s most trending prints) or some classic stripes (which I did here for an ensemble that helps to elongate the body).

2. Choose Linen Fabrics


Other than color choice, an obvious element that plays a big factor in staying cool during the summer months is fabric choice! I’ve been such a big fan of linen this season mainly because it’s not only breathable, there’s just something about it that is so effortless and chic, don’t you think?

3. Opt for Looser Silhouettes


Of course, don’t ever underestimate the silhouette of an ensemble, since looser clothing can really help to not trap heat against your body. If you’re scared that a looser silhouette will look slightly sloppy, don’t be afraid to reach for pieces that have figure enhancing details, such as a belt or a sash at the waist. This helps draw attention to the center of your body, giving your overall look a point of focus.

Another detail that adds some dimension to an otherwise looser silhouette is none other than ruffles! I know ruffles have been big for a few seasons now, both on the runway and on the streets, and I can definitely see why! There’s just something about them that adds just the right touch of femininity to just about any ensemble. As a part of a looser ensemble, like this linen jumpsuit, the ruffles give this flowing silhouette touches of soft elegance and grace.

4. Stick with Slides or Sandals



And of course, last but definitely not least, I always stick to sandals or slides during the warmer months! There’s nothing worse than sweating in your socks and sneakers, so I always look for ways to keep my feet comfy and dry. Though sandals have always been my go-to summer footwear in the past, these days, I’m actually really in to slides because they’re not only super convenient to wear, when chosen in the right style, they’re also super chic, trendy, and fashion-forward! I can’t get enough of these bow-tie ones recently because they’re such a fun silhouette, don’t you think?


On Me

OwlxFish Striped Linen Jumpsuit

Bershka Flat Mules With Bow in Black

Michael Kors Bridgette Small North South Messenger in Ballet


What are some of your favorite ways to dress during the summer months? How do you stay cool and still dress stylishly? Let me know in the comments because I always love hearing from all of you!



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