3 Ways to Elevate the Everyday Fleece






Fleece is the fabric that you usually associate with crewnecks and sweatpants or other types of workout and lounge attire, right? But what if I told you there was a way to elevate the everyday fleece for a minimal and effortlessly chic look?

Believe it or not, fleece can be worn on occasions other than your typical gym session or lazy day around the house, and that’s made possible depending on your choice of color, silhouette, and accessories to make the ensemble appropriate to go out in! Read on to see how I make this fleece sweatsuit work for a chic and luxe outfit!

1. Be Mindful of Color Choices

When I think of sweats or crewnecks, the first color that comes to mind is definitely gray; though there are definitely other choices as well, gray just happens to be the most common, right?

This is why, when wearing fleece pieces for going out, I typically shy away from gray, and instead opt for other neutrals, like black or even beige. While black is definitely a classic and timeless choice, there’s nothing that emits the same level of elegance quite like beige, don’t you agree?

A warm beige tone definitely adds that touch of luxurious effortlessness to just about any ensemble, and that definitely holds true even when dealing with cozy fabrics like fleece.

2. Choose Your Silhouette Carefully

It can definitely be easy to gravitate towards classic silhouettes because they’re so comfortable, but when dealing with fleece, anything that’s a little “baggy” can instantly make you seem like a lazy slob. This is why I pay very special attention to the silhouette of my ensemble as a whole, in order to give off a more elevated vibe.

In terms of sweaters, it may seem hard to break away from the typical crewneck shape, but there are subtle ways to spice things up! For this specific ensemble, I opted for a sweater with bell-sleeves because it instantly sets it apart from your usual workout top! On other occasions, opting for a graphic print, or even a sweater with subtle cut-out details can help to make it more appropriate for going out too!

And now, moving on to the star of this ensemble – the skirt! This piece not only completely defies the norm of fleece, the figure-hugging silhouette is also so feminine and flirty, don’t you think? I love the little flare at the hem of the skirt because it sets it apart for other skirts and really adds that level of elevated luxe to the whole ensemble! Another big plus – this skirt is sooo comfortable and cozy too!

3. Pay Attention to Your Accessories

As with any outfit, the right accessories really help to set the mood of the whole ensemble, don’t you agree?

To fit the effortlessly elevated vibes that I wanted to achieve with this outfit, I opted for almost no jewelry (except for my usual diamond studded earrings), choosing instead, to add touches of chic with my choice of white kicks and a cute handbag. I love the idea of pairing sneakers with skirts because it’s the perfect juxtaposition of feminine and casual, especially when it comes to a minimal outfit like this one!

If you’d like to elevate this outfit for a more elegant feel, you can definitely opt for some kitten heels or pointed toe booties too! The funnest part of this outfit is how you can make it work for just about any occasion depending on how you style it!



On Me

SSUMJ Off-Center Back Slit Top and Flounce Skirt Set in Beige

Adidas Women’s Superstar Casual Sneakers in White/Black

Ted Baker London Kittii Cat Animal Leather Crossbody Bag in Rose Gold



Are you a fan of wearing a fleece “sweatsuit” like this out? What are some of your favorite minimalistic pieces? Let me know in the comments because I always love hearing from you all!

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