How to Wear a Dress During the Winter






It may be the end of February, but LA’s going through a chilly phase right now, with temperatures dropping to almost the low forties at night. And even though I love layering with coats and scarves so much, by the end of winter, I’m definitely a little over all of the extra bulk, aren’t you?

Although it may seem like a far stretch to start wearing dresses, it’s never actually too early to incorporate them in to your transitional wardrobe, especially when you can make them work for the cooler weather too! Here are some of my simple tips for wearing a dress during the colder months!

Opt for a Maxi Length

Although shorter dresses can definitely look super cute, the only way to really wear them during the winter is with tights in order to stay warm. And let’s be real, a dress and tights combo is kind of conventional and expected, don’t you think?

What’s unexpected, though, is a maxi dress. Though they’re typically reserved for warmer months, there’s nothing more serene and elegant than a long white maxi in the middle of winter. There’s just something magical about it that makes it look like you’ve stepped out of a literal winter wonderland. Plus, the longer length can also help you stay warm, since the skirt will cover your legs too!

Throw On a Cozy Knit Sweater

As for staying warm on top, a cozy knit sweater in a similar color scheme can actually do wonders! Not only does it visually add dimension to the look, the extra layer is super functional too!

Rather than opting for a snugger fit, I find that a looser silhouette adds more of the bohemian chic vibe to the whole ensemble, giving it that laid-back, effortless feel.

Pair with Ankle Booties

And last but not least, the right shoes definitely help to complete the whole look! In the summer months, I typically love pairing my maxi dresses with sandals, but for this wintry ensemble, it just didn’t seem right. With ankle booties, though, I’m still able to keep my feet warm without taking away from the bohemian chic vibes of the ensemble.




On Me

Kimchi Blue Lace Maxi Dress in White

Hollister V-Neck Loose Fit Sweater in Blush

Blondo Villa Waterproof Ankle Booties in Mushroom

Anya Hindmarch Smiley Circus Crossbody Bag in Steam



What’re some of your favorite ways to style a dress during the winter months? Let me know in the comments because I always love hearing from all of you!

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