5 Ways Stay Fit This Holiday Season


Happy Monday! Hope all of you had a great Halloween Weekend!

Though I don’t really play dress up anymore (at least not to the extent that I used to when I was younger), I still love Halloween Weekend because of the parties, get-togethers, and of course, indulgences!

With all of the sweets, treats, and food, it can be easy to pack on some (or a lot of) extra calories, so that’s why I’ll be sharing some tips/tricks to help keep yourself in check during one of the fall’s best holidays (especially since tomorrow is officially Halloween, which means we’ll have even more sweets to consume soon)!

So without further ado, let’s get started


1. When You’re Feeling Bored of Your Workout, Try Learning a Dance

I’m not the world’s best dancer (I actually probably have two left feet), but I love watching choreographed dances and trying to learn them on my own (the easy ones, of course LOL)!

This is because I find that dancing is the type of cardio exercise that I don’t really get bored of too easily. While running can seem monotonous, I find that dancing is a little more interesting because you’re always looking forward to perfecting your moves! And the best part – each song is really only 3 to 4 minutes, so that packs in a lot of full body cardio for just a few minutes of exercise!

2. Don’t Skip Your Workouts (Even if It’s Only 10 Minutes)

Since I have a full-time job (where I often work 10 – 12 hour days on a daily basis), as well as this blogging venture, I’m usually short on time almost everyday, but I try not to let that deter me from exercising. At the end of the day, five minutes of exercise is still five minutes of exercise, and it’s always better than nothing at all! I’ve adopted this mindset, and it’s really helped me take advantage of every opportunity I have to get in as much movement as I can! Definitely a rule that everyone can live by!

3. It’s Okay to Pack in One Longer Workout (If You Workout Less Throughout the Week)

And while I know that exercising at least 2 to 3 times a week is healthier, sometimes, due to my working schedule, I’ve just had to manage by packing a more intense workout in on the weekends.

Anytime I skip a week, I always end up feeling super guilty, and the next week, I try to make up for it, and though my body feels tired at the moment, I know that it’ll thank me later! 🙂

4. Eat Smaller Portions

Eating smaller portions, whether it’s a full meal or a sweet treat, is good for you, and I’m pretty sure by now, most of you know this already.

For meals, I like to pay particular attention to the portions of each food group on my plate, and I want to give more focus on foods that are low in calories but can also help me stay full for longer periods of time. This way, I won’t risk overeating because I won’t have random bouts of hunger throughout the day.

For snacks, I actively try to buy the fun sized versions, and if I don’t, I always portion it out first, rather than eating straight from the bag or container, so that way, I can really see how much I’m consuming!

5. Put Snacks Further Away

I practice this both at home and in the office, and it’s honestly a great trick!

At home, I typically do my work upstairs, in either my bedroom or the study room, but all snacks are in the pantry in the kitchen downstairs, so if I really wanted to eat something, I’d have to actually go downstairs and eat it there.
It’s especially helpful that my parents have a strict rule about bringing food upstairs!

At work, while I can’t physically put my food in the pantry/cupboards (too scared someone will steal them), I try to make it more challenging for me to reach in to my desk drawers to get snacks by putting them under other things, such as notebooks, notepads, office supplies, etc. That way, if I really wanted to eat something, I’d have to take everything out of my drawers before getting the snack and putting everything back in again. So more often than not, I get too lazy and don’t end up eating anything!

Aside from these personal fitness tips and tricks to stay on track, I also have a super cool infographic from Aaptiv, an audio fitness app that brings an elevated workout experience to a global community by using technology to make that experience accessible anytime, anywhere.

With programs that you can listen to anywhere, Aaptiv is able to help you stay fit and healthy no matter where you are! If you’re interested in the convenience of Aaptiv’s programs, you can get an exclusive 30 day trial by using the code HALLOWEEN30!

With Halloween right around the corner, Aaptiv put together an infographic that highlights workouts that help burn off those specific “candy calories!” All you have to do is download the app, plug in your headphones, and allow Aaptiv to deliver effective, trainer-led audio workout classes set to all the music you love right to your phone!



What’re you doing to stay healthy before, during, and after Halloween? Let me know your workout tips/tricks below because I always love hearing from all of you!

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