Lace & Lace-Ups – How to Elevate a Simple Sweater




Autumn means it’s officially sweater weather, and for one of my first sweaters of the season, I wanted to incorporate delicate and subtle details in to my ensemble to elevate the look for a more feminine outfit.

Although the breezes have been picking up, and it may be getting a bit chilly, LA is still warm enough for shorts. Rather than going for my usual denim cut-offs though, which were my go-to during the summer, I opted for white lace embroidered shorts to create a refined look that’s perfect for an autumn lunch date.

While it may be fall already, I’m definitely not going to stop wearing white or lace (or both, actually)!

What I love about lace is that it instantly elevates just about any ensemble, since the delicate detailing is reminiscent of more regal, Victorian styles. The scalloped hem of these shorts also add an element of girlish charm to the overall ensemble, making for a look that’s classy, but still fun!

I also wanted to give some more attention to the actual sweater itself. One of the key trends that I’ve been loving this year has been the lace-up trend. No matter what season, lace-up details seem to keep showing up, and I couldn’t help but to pick out fall items that also incorporated this delicate little detail.



On Me

Forever 21 Brushed Knit Lace-Back Top in Heather Gray

Forever 21 Embroidered Lace Shorts in White

Blondo Villa Waterproof Suede Booties in Mushroom

Kate Spade Charlotte Street Alek Crossbody Bag in Lavender


What are some of your favorite ways to elevate a simple sweater? Let me know in the comments because I always love hearing from all of you! πŸ™‚

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60 thoughts on “Lace & Lace-Ups – How to Elevate a Simple Sweater

  1. Love the detailing on every piece! The lace embroidered shorts did elevate the outfit to more of a date-feel look. The lace-back top added character to the basic sweater. I love my sweaters and to elevate the look, I would either add accessories to it (ie. wear a necklace, pin a broach or fun pins) or just wear a collared shirt underneath to give the sweater a different vibe!

    Jenn |

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  2. I totally support you wearing lace and white even in the Autumn! I plan on doing so as well! The trick is to style them in a way that’s fall appropriate like you did with the sweater! White jeans with a dark sweater or a lacy number with a suede jacket or boots I think would also be great ways to incorporate white into the fall!



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