The Little White Dress






It’s almost the end of August, which sadly means we only have about one month of summer left (though maybe not in California, since summer seems to last until October hahaha)! As with every summer, the season isn’t really complete until you’ve found “the little white dress.”

You all know which dress I’m talking about – the one that’s the epitome of summer, with bohemian details and a flowing silhouette, the one that’s perfect for those seemingly endless lazy summer afternoons spent watching cotton candy sunsets and sipping lemonades.

White has always been one of my favorites (my wardrobe is filled with white blouses, bags, shoes… you get the idea), but I seem to gravitate towards white dresses more than anything. Just the other day when I was cleaning my closet, I found 7 white dresses while going through my pile of “summer” clothes alone!

There’s just something about white that is the epitome of youth and innocence, but at the same time, is so romantic and soft, don’t you think? That’s why one of my favorite date night outfits is definitely a white dress because it’s so easy to wear, is super flattering, and not to mention, embodies a feminine sophistication and classiness that’s hard to impersonate.

When picking a white dress, to make sure it stands out, I make sure to pay special attention to details like the fabric, hemlines, necklines, and silhouette because they can add so much to the whole ensemble.

This lacy number has been my absolute favorite because there’s just something about it that’s so innocent yet romantic. The semi-sheer floral lace isn’t overdone at all and adds dimension to the whole ensemble. With bell sleeves and a flared fit that adds to that relaxed, bohemian chic vibe, this dress is just too pretty to not wear! Plus, the lace-up plunging v-neckline is just so subtly sexy, making it the perfect choice for date night, don’t you think?




On Me

Forever 21 Lace Fit and Flare Dress in White

YSL Monogram Saint Laurent Chain Wallet in Powder Grain de Poudre Textured Mateaasse Leather

Blondo Villa Waterproof Suede Booties in Mushroom


Are you a fan of white dresses? What are some of your favorite fits and styles? What other summer wardrobe staples do you live by? Let me know in the comments! Always love hearing from you! ๐Ÿ™‚


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40 thoughts on “The Little White Dress

  1. I have my own little white dress and it’s one of my best pieces in my wardrobe! I rarely wear it though, since I’m scared of ruining it. You look beautiful though! โค

    with love, Bash   |   HEY BASH

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