Currently Crushing – Adidas Superstars


I know, I know… The Currently Crushing series hasn’t been updated in over a year now… and I’m guilty as charged 😦 Hahaha it’s definitely been a long time since I’ve last contributed a post to this series, so today, I’m finally back with one of my most recent obsessions – the Adidas Superstars!

In the past two or three years, if you’ve taken a real look at fashion blogs and style icons, you’ll notice that heels haven’t necessarily been the footwear of choice. In fact, for the past few seasons, the shoes that have been undeniably popular are sneakers, or more specifically, the Adidas Superstars!

It isn’t the first time that the sneakers have made an appearance in the fashion scene, as they first appeared on basketball courts in the 70’s and made a quick reappearance in the 90’s. This time, however, it seems like these super stylish kicks are here to stay, as they instantly elevate just about any outfit for an instantly chic look!

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile now, then you’ll know that I’ve been a super fan of these sneakers in the past months, as they’ve appeared in a lot of my outfit posts!

From sporty to girly, these sneakers are super versatile and can add just the right touch of sporty chic to any ensemble for an effortless street style ensemble!

What are some of your favorite looks and ways to style the Adidas Superstars? Are there any other sneakers that you like to wear on a daily basis?










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