Summer Cerulean






There’s nothing quite like a maxi dress in the middle of summer, is there?

No other piece has ever made me feel as feminine as a maxi dress because there’s just something about the length that elongates the figure and streamlines the silhouette for a romantic look that’s just the epitome of summer nights, don’t you think?

While the longer length may seem counterintuitive in beating summer heat, I find that the thinner cotton, satin, or silk material typically used to make maxi dresses is lighter in weight and also helps the skin breath easily despite the warmer weather.

Though maxi dresses are more conservative in comparison to their shorter counterparts, I find the longer length is more sensually feminine, especially when there are slits down the length of the dress, adding a subtly sexy yet demure vibe to the whole ensemble.

And while florals and prints are popular summer choices, I find that this subtle dark blue ombre fits my perception of summer nights exactly – the deep cerulean color is reminiscent of the onset of night as the last rays of sunshine disappear at twilight, playing up the romantic yet mysterious summer evening vibes.




On Me

Forever 21 Ombre Dye Maxi Dress in Indigo/Cream

Nine West Find Me Gladiator Strappy Flat Sandals in Off White

Kate Spade Charlotte Street Alek Crossbody Bag in Lavender


Are you a fan of maxi dresses in the summer? And what are some of your favorite colors/prints to wear on summer nights? Let me know in the comments because I always love hearing from all of you! 🙂


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