Summer Office Essentials: Blush Peplum & Satin Joggers






Dressing for the office is already a little hard on a normal day (who doesn’t wish they can go to work in their PJs?). But in the summer, it can get be even more tiring than usual, since it’s almost unbearably hot outside (even in the early hours of the morning).

While dresses are a definite go-to for warm-weathered business attire, the air conditioning in the office is always turned up so high that it becomes pointless to wear a dress (since you’ll most likely be wrapping yourself up in blankets and jackets anyways).

This is why I’ve been trying to find new ways to style outfits that are functional for both the steaming hot weather outside and the refrigerator-like temperatures inside the office.

I’ve found that satin joggers, particularly black and more fitted ones, can double over and work as work pants too. I love details, like zippers at the ankles or more feminine silhouettes, because they really elevate joggers and make them office-appropriate 😉

While a halter top may seem a little too daring for the office, I find that this particular one with a nice peplum hem adds just the right touch of femininity to the pale pink top, making it seem sweet and work-friendly. To make sure it’s not too revealing, I opted for a slouchy cardigan that’s both comfortable and functional.

And of course, last but not least, to really elevate the whole look and pull it together, I decided to wear these blush pink pointed-toe heels, giving the whole outfit a relaxed yet sophisticated office vibe.





On Me

Forever 21 Zippered Ankle Satin Joggers in Black

Abercrombie & Fitch Halter Peplum Top in Blush

H&M Fine Knit Cardigan in Ivory

  • Still available in black

Kate Spade Paterson Court Brynlee in Rose Jade (Sold Out)



How are you styling your summer work outfits? Would you wear joggers to work? Let me know in the comments! Always love hearing styling tips from all of you 😀

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61 thoughts on “Summer Office Essentials: Blush Peplum & Satin Joggers

    • Thank you love! ❤ 🙂 And yes, joggers are so versatile! I never thought I'd be able to wear them to work, but it's surprisingly professional enough! You need to add a pair to your wardrobe ASAP 😀


    • Hahaha that’s one of the biggest perks of working at home – no need to get dressed or do your hair too 🙂 Glad that you’re enjoying the change of pace, love! ❤ But yes, there's nothing a girl wouldn't do for some comfort in the office hahah! Hope you're doing well, girl! Been loving all of your recent posts!


    • Hahaha awww I’m sorry to hear that 😦 LA has been surprisingly cooler this year than last, so I’m still surviving in joggers for now, although I won’t be so sure in August! LOL!


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