Summer Time Varsity Blues





The athleisure trend has really taken the fashion industry by storm recently, and that’s easily recognized in all of the fun and quirky takes on sportswear in spring and summer collections.

Though I’m a big fan of sporty attire, it sometimes isn’t that appropriate to wear to the office, even on casual Fridays. An easy way that I bypass that, though, is by incorporating sporty elements in to still safe-for-work-pieces, so that I can add subtle touches of athleisure to my ensembles.

One of the best ways to do this is to pair sneakers with a t-shirt and skirt combo for an instantly elevated sporty ensemble that is still fresh, young, and fun without looking as though you’re ready to head to the gym instead of work.

Sneakers are an obvious way to add an athleisure touch to just about any outfit, and these Adidas Superstar sneakers are definitely elevated enough for the office, yet casual enough for a sporty ensemble.

Another element that adds subtle touches of sporty chic to this ensemble is a skirt. And luckily for me, skirts are allowed at work, as long as they’re not too short, so I usually opt for skirts that hit a few inches above the knee, so that they’re modest enough for the office, yet still age-appropriate enough for a girl in her mid-twenties πŸ˜‰

What I love about this skirt is the varsity tennis vibes that I get from it, partly because it’s white and the sporty silhouette just makes it perfect for the courts!

Last but definitely not least, a fun graphic tee completes the ensemble so that it’s still office appropriate, but at the same time, sporty without resembling workout attire too much! I save all of my quirky graphic tees for casual Fridays in the office, and one of my favorites lately has been this cute patchwork tee! Who can deny that burgers and fries really are the perfect pair? πŸ˜€




On Me

Hollister V-Neck Easy Graphic Tee in Mint

Air Space A-Line Mini Skirt in White (From Taiwan)

Adidas Women’s Superstar Casual Sneakers in White/Black

Kate Spade Alessa Wellesley Satchel in Robin Egg Blue



How do you incorporate elements of ahtleisure in to your casual Friday office outfits so that they’re both work appropriate but fun and youthful? πŸ™‚ Does this look seem safe-for-work, or is it too sporty? Let me know in the comments below because I always love hearing from you all!

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