Blushing in to Spring






Pink is definitely a feminine color, and sometimes, lighter shades can even elicit a more youthful and girly vibe. With today’s sporty trends, though, even this soft blush tone can be elevated for a more androgynous look that radiates with elements of athleisure chic.

As you’ve probably seen from one of my outfits a few weeks ago, colored denim is one of my favorite springtime trends. During the fall, and especially the winter, darker denim can help to streamline the legs for a sleeker look that’s perfect for knee-high boots. In the spring, though, lighter jeans, particularly colored denim, gives a more youthful and fun vibe, especially in a blush tone, the perfect color for the warmer weather!

To balance the perfect touch of sporty chic in the midst of a pink color palette, adding elements such as strategically placed stripes, classic white sneakers, and timeless sunnies help to curate a look that is girly yet fun and perfect for a spring day.

One of the most convenient ways to add stripes to this ensemble is through one of the hottest jacket trends in the recent years – bombers! Not only are they comfortable and super cute, the silhouette adds a certain element of old-school prep to a sporty outfit. The stripes on the collar, sleeves, and hem match perfectly with the stripes on my sneakers, bringing the whole look together for a pink ensemble that’s girly yet sporty.

To finish off the whole ensemble, I stashed on my favorite pair of sunnies to match this “Los Angeles” cropped tee for a laid-back and casual SoCal girl vibe.




On Me

Forever 21 Los Angeles Graphic Cropped Tee in White (Sold Out)

Forever 21 Colored Skinny Jeans in Light Pink

Zaful Bomber Jacket in Pink

Adidas Superstar Sneakers in White/Black

Kate Spade Paterson Court Brynlee in Rose Jade (Sold Out)

Urban Outfitters Skylar Half-Frame Sunglasses in Black



Do you all like this athleisure spin on a pink ensemble? How would you balance this feminine color for a less girly look? Let me know in the comments because I always love hearing how all of your are styling! πŸ™‚

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70 thoughts on “Blushing in to Spring

  1. i think i just left you a comment with another id logged into the comp hahahaha oops please disregard that comment lol baby pink looks really good on you elizabeth and that LA t-shirt is so cute!! now i feel like i need some color in my wardrobe lol and omg it would be so cool if you really do visit thailand!! we can go for some really nice brunch and coffeeeee πŸ˜€

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    • Haha no worries! And I know what you mean! I’m not usually a fan of too much color in my wardrobe, but I couldn’t resist little splashes of pink for the spring! πŸ™‚ And yes!!! Definitely going to plan a Thailand trip soon! ❀


  2. Dreamy photo’s as usual! I’ve become a little obsessed with the shade pink recently in everything & not just because it’s Spring! But I’ve never thought about a pair of light pink jeans, these are are so lovely. The whole look is feminine and Spring inspired, whilst still keeping it casual which I love! I also love how you tied in the stripes on your shoes with the cuffs of your jacket, that’s some serious coordination right there!

    Xo Gemma
    Sunday Somewhere

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  3. I Love this casual dress Your outfit is amazing.
    I am totally loving your light pink paint and white shirt.
    Thank you so much for sharing this nice lovely post.


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