Sweater (Dress) Weather





It’s finally feeling a lot more like fall in LA! I’m loving the stronger winds and nippier breezes,and this is largely because I can finally start wearing all of my sweaters and sweater dresses!

Aside from my cable knits and cashmere blends, sweater dresses are also at the top of my list on these chillier days because they’re so easy to just throw on. A sweater dress with cute graphic logos or bold statements are always an added plus, and I love how they instantly make an otherwise simple and casual outfit much more interesting!

In addition to quirky graphics and statements, I also really like small embellishments of details, like this faux flannel hem that’s attached to the bottom of the sweater dress I’m wearing because it creates the illusion of layering a plaid shirt underneath, but in actuality, a small piece of fabric is really just sewed on to the hem for this effect. Aside from the layers that are created through this faux hem, I also love how it elicits a bit of a holiday theme without going overboard.

The best thing about sweater dresses, though, are the length of the top, making it so easy to style with various different styles of leggings and tights. Since it’s a little colder lately, I found myself reaching for these super comfortable fleece leggings. I love the vertical stripes that run down one of the legs because it really helps to streamline the whole look and lengthen the silhouette for a more figure-enhancing look despite the looser fit of the sweater dress.

I finished off the whole look with this red beanie, tying in the whole holiday theme in a subtle way.




On Me

‘To The Beach’ Flannel Hemmed Sweater Dress in Grey (From Korea)

Hollister Fleece Leggings in Black (Sold Out)

59 Seconds Ear Accent Beanie in Red from YesStyle

Adidas NMD Runners in Grey/White

Kate Spade Wellesley Alessa in Robin Egg Blue

Do you like sweater dresses as much as me? If so, what are some of your favorite ways to style sweater dresses? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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28 thoughts on “Sweater (Dress) Weather

  1. The photography in all of these pictures is so perfect and you look gorgeous, your hair makes me miss having my long dark hair, so pretty! This outfit is so casual and looks so comfy, but at the same time still cosy enough for this time of year and of course stylish, I love the cardigan you’re wearing in the last photo, I must go on the hunt for one just like this! Lovely post 🙂

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