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As a fashion and personal style blogger, it’s essential that I thoroughly understand not only the industry trends, but it’s also so important for me to know what styles fit me and accentuate my body in the best possible way in order to put together great looks for all of you. And while a lot of discussion in the fashion industry revolves around the garments that we don for the public’s eyes, a stylishly chic ensemble isn’t complete without a great fitting bra, don’t you agree?

And though a great fitting bra is essential to long-lasting comfort, it’s actually not surprising that many women are going through the day with “bra-blems” that not only directly affect their comfort, but also their confidence.

This is why I’ve partnered up with ThirdLove, one of the newest leading online lingerie retailers from San Francisco, to present to you all some common “bra-blems,” as well as some quick and easy solutions to help empower all women to feel comfortable and confident every day with great fitting bras! And of course, there will be an exclusive promo code at the end, so stay tuned!


One thing that we never consciously think about is how to put on a bra the right way. I know, pretty redundant to include this as a “bra-blem” that we run in to, but surprisingly, a lot of women aren’t putting on their undergarments correctly, especially because, realistically, it’s been such a long time since we’ve actually worn a bra for the very first time.

Luckily for us, ThirdLove has us covered, as shown in the little chart above, with specific elements to pay attention to when putting on a bra. One of the tips that I found the most helpful, particularly when I’m out shopping for a new bra, is to make sure to look for a bra that fits snugly on the loosest hook, so that as the band stretches with wear, we can always slowly move the hook in for a tighter and better fit.


Another common “bra-blem” that I face is with the bra straps. While straps can definitely be too tight that they dig dents in to our poor, delicate flesh, I’m usually struck with the other more common issue of slipping straps. It’s always so annoying when they slip off my shoulders, and I run the risk of having my bra straps hanging out from the sleeves of my tees. One of the best tips that I received from ThirdLove is to tighten the straps every month because with natural wear, straps start to stretch out.


One of the “bra-blems” that’s plagued me for the longest time, though, is definitely the issues with the band, the part of the bra that is supposed to be doing most of the support. My band has never really “ridden up,” but in my high school years, there was definitely something that I felt wasn’t quite “right” about the band of my bra.

It wasn’t until I was in college that I learned that going down a band size might actually help, so I immediately tried it, and I haven’t regretted it once! Everything just fits so much better and feels more comfortable. Just remember that when you do go down a band size, you naturally have to go up one size for the cup. So in my case, I used to wear 34A, but after I was aware of this little solution, I’ve been purchasing my bras in 32B and even 30C, and they fit almost perfectly!


My most troublesome “bra-blem,” though, is a gaping cup. My body frame definitely falls under the slightly thin side, and this is especially apparent on my upper body. I’m not very genetically blessed in the chest department, and while I do wish for a more voluptuous figure, I’ve also accepted the fact that my body is what it is, and I love it despite its imperfections. Bras, however, aren’t so forgiving.

ThirdLove offers a quick-fix though, which is to tighten the straps, but for a more long-term solution, trying a plunge or push-up style definitely helps, since these cups are angled and tend to be cut a little smaller to reduce gaping. Personally, this works for me, as my wardrobe is filled mostly with plunge or push-up style bras, but if this solution doesn’t work, don’t hesitate to try some of ThirdLove’s signature half-sizes.


Aside from the “bra-blems” that I mentioned above, there are a series of other bra issues that you can run in to, such as straps digging in to your shoulders, quad-boobs, or even side boobs! While I’m not familiar with these issues and their quick-fixes, I’ve included some helpful tips from ThirdLove, so hopefully, they’ll provide the solution for your bra-blems as well!

Confidence really starts from within, and this is most apparent in our choice of lingerie. When we are comfortable in our own skin, we naturally exude confidence, and the same can be said about our choice of bras. With the right-fitting bra, even an ordinary ensemble is made extraordinary through the confidence with which you hold yourself. Having the right bra that supports your body throughout your busy day allows you to present the best possible version of yourself in order to exude inner confidence, grace, and poise.

And of course, if you’re looking to purchase some of ThirdLove’s bras,which have been reinvented to maximize fit and comfort, you can enjoy 15% OFF your entire first purchase with the promo code TLNOVBB15!


What are some common “bra-blems” that you run in to? And what are your tips/tricks, quick-and-easy fixes, or long-term solutions? Let me know in the comments! Always love hearing from you!

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