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Leaves are finally crunching beneath our feet on the streets of LA, and it seems like fall’s finally decided to descend on Southern California (despite it being almost the end of October already). With the start of brisker winds and chillier weather comes the anticipation of the weeks and months to come – the official holiday season!

Granville Brunch French Toast

Every year, I look forward to Halloween, not only because it’s a day where we get to unabashedly eat all of the sweets we want without feeling (too) guilty, but also because it marks the start of November and December, which means Thanksgiving and Christmas, two of my most favorite holidays ever!

Aside from the abundance of food at Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, one of the things that I look forward to the most about the holidays is that all of my friends who’ve been living or studying abroad are home! And of course, that means reunions of all kinds, but my absolute favorite way to catch up with everyone is over brunch!


There’s just something about a lazy weekend morning (or afternoon, depending on your sleeping habits) paired with a warm latte, a hearty omelette, and of course, fluffy pancakes that just spells perfection. Just the thought of all of these delicious smells has me drooling already haha!


And while LA is literally the heart of so many new and innovative brunch spots, sometimes, one of the most intimate ways to catch up with some old friends is by hosting a brunch of your own, so that you can talk for as long as your heart desires without the fear of receiving death glares from other patrons waiting for a table (trust me, it’s not fun).


Today, I’ve partnered with Paperless Post, a design-focused site that offers both online and paper invitations, cards, and stationary, to share with you all how I would plan the perfect weekend brunch for my friends!

First things first – invitations! I’m a big sucker for pretty stationary, and I could literally spend hours and hours at a stationary shop, just leafing through journals and planners, and admiring all of the cute little pens and pencils.


Whether you’re going to be hosting a fancy brunch, complete with champagne and macarons, or you’re going to just invite your friends over for a casual bite, Paperless Post has you covered with invitations that range from tongue-in-cheek quirky to timelessly elegant and classy. Paperless Post offers creative stationary, cards, and invitations that reflect your individual aesthetic through its distinctive and customizable designs. With collaborations with leading fashion and lifestyle designers such as Kate Spade New York, Oscar de la Renta, and Jonathon Adler, there will definitely be an invitation that will be right for you and your occasion!


After invitations are decided on, you’ve pretty much set the tone for the event, so now it’s time to think of menu choices. While in a perfect world, I’d be able to whip up (at least semi-edible) scrambled eggs and waffles in an hour or so, I’m sadly not a really good cook, so for the event I’ll be hosting, I’ll most likely cater or just order food from a local brunch spot that I know my friends will love and enjoy. One of my absolute favorites in LA has got to be Blu Jam (their Crunchy French Toast is to die for) and Bottega Louie (because who can resist macarons).


And once the menu has been decided, there’s nothing left but to tidy up your place and wait for the guests to arrive (fashionably late, of course haha)!


I really can’t wait for the holiday season to finally start! 🙂 Are you as excited about November and December as I am? And what do you think of hosting your own brunch? Let me know in the comments what your ideal brunch would look like!

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    • Me too Annie! I can’t believe it’s already going to be 2017… where did the time go? D: Haha I’ve been doing good, I hope you’ve been doing well too Annie! Really missed catching up on your blog too! 🙂 ❤


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