Modern Athleisure with Adidas NMD



A few years ago, workout attire was exactly what its name suggested – tattered old t-shirts and ratty frayed shorts that you didn’t mind getting drenched and grimy in while you’re at the gym, sweating bullets in order to achieve your #bodygoals.


In the modern days, though, workout attire has totally evolved, becoming a trend of its own, and it more or less began with fashionable athletic shoes.


I’ve always been a big fan of the Nike Roshe Ones, but in this last year, the Adidas NMD have been all the hype, so of course, I couldn’t resist getting a pair of the super chic runners for myself as well!


I’ve found that both Nike and Adidas have been producing sneakers and runners that are not only functional as athletic shoes, but that are pretty chic as well, especially when paired with a mini a-line skirt and crop top.


This modern urban take on athletic wear has often been dubbed by fashionistas around the world as atheisure, and I’m loving how it combines elements of comfort with trendy wardrobe staples for sporty chic ensembles that give off an air of laid-back aloofness.


To match the minimal color palette of my Adidas NMD Runners, I opted for a grey skirt and white crop top, playing up the muted tones that are perfect for the summer-to-fall transition.


On Me

Adidas NMD Runners in Grey/White

Forever 21 Ribbed Crop Top in White

Forever 21 Marled Skater Skirt in Heather Grey

Kate Spade Paterson Court Brynlee in Rose Jade


Are you all fans of this modern take on athletic wear? And what do you think of the Adidas NMD Runners? Worth the hype or not? Let me know in the comments below because I always love hearing from all of you! 🙂

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