It’s a Hair Affair



I know too much exposure to heat isn’t good for the hair, but despite knowing this, I know we’re all guilty of using heat tools, whether it’s in the form of a blow dryer, curler, or flat iron, and just like you, I’m no exception to this.

I try to limit my hair’s exposure to heat tools, but there are just some days where all of the stars in the universe are aligned to give me a bad hair day, and on days like this, I opt for a flat iron to give my hair a quick fix so I can at least look presentable and not freak the whole world out with the messy bird’s nest sitting on top of my head.

Lately, I’ve been loving this Diamond Professional Flat Iron from Irresistible Me, one of the fastest growing brands that specialize in 100% natural Remy clip-in hair extensions, hair accessories, and hair tools.


Not only does the ceramic flat iron heat up super quickly, I love how the crushed diamond particles and tourmaline on the coated plates protects the hair and keeps all of the hair’s natural oils, colors, and moisture, leaving hair healthy, shiny, and frizz free.

Aside from these amazing aspects, my favorite features are the buttons, which are on the inside of the flat iron, so you don’t accidentally change the settings while you’re doing your hair (also known as story of my life because this literally happens to me. Every. Single. Time.)!


What’s even better is that it heats up very quickly, so it’s perfect for someone like me, who tries to get in every last minute of sleep in the morning. In less than 15 seconds, the iron is piping hot and ready for use, which is perfect for me because every moment of rest counts 😉

Apart from all of these super cool features, what I love the most is how light the iron is! I’ve never had an iron that was this light before, and at first, I was a little hesitant because I wasn’t sure if its weight suggested flimsiness, but it surprised me with its efficiency. What’s even better is that the weight makes this iron perfect for traveling because it won’t weigh down or take up too much space in my luggage.


If you’re on the hunt for a high-quality yet affordable ceramic flat iron, definitely do give Irresistible Me a look because they not only offer great styling tools and hair extensions, their customer service is also exemplary (thank you so much for always being so kind and helpful, Blair)! 🙂 And another big plus? The packaging is so sleek and chic!

Do you use heat styling tools as well? And if so, what are some of your tips and tricks to keeping hair healthy and shiny? 🙂 Let me know in the comments below! Always love hearing from all of you!

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42 thoughts on “It’s a Hair Affair

    • Aww thank you so much Clarissa! 🙂 Hahah I actually just use drugstore shampoo and conditioner, but I always make sure to protect my hair with a hair serum! I was thinking of doing a hair care routine post some time soon! 🙂


  1. IM is such a lovely brand to work with & they do offer great quality stuff!! Wow, the final result is gorgeous!! But then again, your hair is flawless, sweetie, so it’s kind of difficult to “mess it up” 🙂
    It does sounds like a fab flat iron!! Fantastic review, as always, lovely.
    xox Nadia

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I was very impressed with their hair styling tools 😀 Glad you like them as well! Hahaha and aww you’re too sweet Nadia! ❤ I definitely have bad hair days as well 😛 Hope you had a great weekend love!


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