h.o.p.e – A Closer Look at My Custom iPhone Case Design


It’s Tuesday again!

Or in my case, it’s the day when I wish it was already closer to the weekend! 😦

Hahaha work can definitely get busy and stressful, and sometimes, I can start feeling a bit down as well. Whenever this happens, I always look to my Instagram for inspirational quotes to help me get through the day, but sometimes, it’s just not that convenient to always check my phone.

This is why I was so excited to create a custom iPhone case through CaseApp, one of the trendiest Swedish custom phone case and laptop skin brands in the market right now! 🙂


CaseApp lets you design a custom case for not only your phone (be it an iPhone or a Samsung), but also your MacBook and iPad as well! I love their unique designing tool that lets you customize exactly how you want your case to look! Whether you want to compile a collage of personal photos or simply just have an inspirational quote on your case, CaseApp can definitely help you design and create a custom case that’ll be perfect for you! 🙂

For my custom iPhone case, I decided to use one of my favorite photos from last summer when I visited San Diego with some friends. I love how beautiful the sunset looks because the colors are so vibrant and vivid. I also chose this photo because summer is one of my favorite seasons (with endless sunshine, long walks on the beach, and iced coffees), and I just thought it’d be great to be able to always look down at my phone and be reminded of summer 🙂


And last but not least, I added a little quote to the side for a more personalized touch. This is actually a line from one of my favorite songs from a long time ago, and whenever I’m feeling down, it’s what gets me through the day.

“No matter how dark the night may be, tomorrow will always come.”

What do you all think about my custom phone case? 🙂


And for those of you who also want to design a case of your own, I’ve teamed up with CaseApp to offer you all a 20% off discount code! Just type in YOUUU20 at checkout, and 20% will automatically be deducted from your purchase! 🙂

And of course, last but not least, I’ve also teamed up with CaseApp to give away one free custom phone case to one of you! 😀 All you have to do is:

1) Follow @elizabeeetht and @caseapp on Instagram

2) Like this photo

And that’s all! I’ll be announcing the winner in a week, so please stay tuned!

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12 thoughts on “h.o.p.e – A Closer Look at My Custom iPhone Case Design

  1. This is beautiful! I never heard of that acronym and god, it’s touching. I’ve been writing a lot about depression for writing prompts and your case just reminds me of how I should never give in! Thank you so much for sharing this!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for your kind words Emily 🙂 And I never really thought “hope” could be used as an acronym either, but when I saw it, it just resonated so greatly with me. I’m glad that my phone case, as well as this post, was able to remind you of how you should never give in ❤ Don't ever give up hope! Wishing you a great week, Emily!


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