Currently Crushing – Street Style Icon Kendall Jenner


Hey girls! It’s definitely been awhile since my last Currently Crushing, with the latest one being all the way from October when I featured Kim Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation. So today, I’m finally  back with another installment in the series, and this time, I’ll be featuring none other than my latest favorite street style icon, Kendall Jenner!


I’m pretty sure the gorgeous fashion model and television personality Kendall Jenner needs no further introduction as she’s been such a regular face that we see not only on ad campaigns and photoshoots everywhere, but she’s also been dominating our Instagrams and Twitters daily (though I’m definitely not complaining because her style is seriously #goals)! 🙂


While I do love all of her glamorous photoshoots and ad campaigns, like the ones for Pac Sun and Sherri Hill for instance, what I really love about Kendall is her street style. Her off-duty looks were what really piqued my interest in her, as she always looks so effortless in cozy yet stylish pieces that play on current fashion trends, but she always does so with just a bit more of her own brand of chicness.


I love how incredibly “on point” she always looks, picking tailored and classic pieces that accentuate her body perfectly. Though some may find her style a little on the “boring” side, I love how classy and chic she keeps everything, opting for ensembles that are never overdone, adding just the right touch of modern class and edge to even the most basic looks.


Whether she’s in a bit of a more formal look, complete with long coats and heels, or more casual outfits dictated by timeless pieces such as denim button downs and fitted skinnies, Kendall always maintains such a cool air of sophistication.


I’m so inspired by Kendall’s street style because while she does play into current trends, such as crop tops, joggers, and leather skinnies, she always manages to keep an aspect of her own modern classic aesthetic in her timeless yet effortlessly chic outfits.


This is what I love about Kendall the most because she’s very daring in her fashion choices, yet she knows what she looks good in and she emulates it perfectly every time.


What I admire the most about Kendall is that she is literally the embodiment of the emerging fashion movement that has been dubbed “Social Media Modeling” by Harper’s Bazaar and the “Instagirl Era” by Vogue. It’s definitely a new age in fashion, where style icons aren’t just the girls that we see on the runways anymore, and I love how Kendall slowly became such an influential presence in the industry.


It’s so inspiring, especially to a fashion blogger, because Kendall’s nontraditional foray into the fashion world carves a new path that’s just beginning to be discovered, and everyday, there are new changes in the way that fashion is being shared with the world.

Are you all fans of Kendall’s street style as well? What are some of your favorite looks from her? I hope you all enjoyed this post, and let me know what you think! Don’t forget to drop by down below to say hi! 🙂 I love hearing from you!

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