No Greater Gift Than LOVE


All you need for the upcoming holidays is a little LOVE! 🙂


Hehe I’m sure that’s something that we can all agree on, right?


I’ve been loving this LOVE jumper from Forever 21 so much (pun intended of course 😛 hahaha)!


While it’s definitely cooler in Los Angeles, we still get pretty warm afternoons, and on days like this, I tend to gravitate towards lighter knit jumpers with details (like these cut-out shoulders and sleeves) that not only stand out, but are also fun to wear at the same time.


I paired it simply with my new grey skinny pants, which are made of a stretchy and comfortable material. A big plus – they’re a lot warmer than jeans, so it’s definitely my go to bottoms for the colder days. To finish the whole ensemble and give this casual outfit a little more edge, I decided to wear my thigh-high suede boots. Not only are they super stylish, they’re also so comfy (even if you’re walking around all day), and they keep my legs super warm! 🙂


Though I purchased this sweater with cut-out shoulders and sleeves a while ago, I’ve been wearing it a lot on my off days when I grab a casual lunch with my girl friends because the soft material and large LOVE logo on the front just makes it stand out so much, especially with a universal message that’s appropriate for everything that’s happened as of lately.


Amidst all of the tragedy, I’m reminded that despite all of the terror and hate, we are still alive, and the only way to defeat all of these treacherous and heinous acts is through love. How people treat us reflects who they are, but how we react to them reflects who we are. So yes, we are allowed to feel angry, to feel hurt, to feel scared. But we have to remember that this is our opportunity to do good. To show that, despite everything, we are still capable of love and forgiveness.


On a lighter note, let’s all be grateful that we’re alive. All of these tragedies just proves how fragile all of our lives are, and we have to cherish each and every moment, as well as all of our friends, family, and loved ones.

On Me
Top: Forever 21 Cut Out Shoulder LOVE Sweater in Ivory/Green Plaid, USD $17.90 (Sold Out)

Bottoms: Forever 21 Classic Stretch-Knit Skinny Pants in Dark Grey, USD $14.90 (This Color No Longer Available)

  • Burgundy still available here ()

Shoes: Cathy Jean Thigh High Suede Boots in Black, USD $69.99

Kate Spade Wellesley Alessa in Robinsegg, USD $249.00

  • Similar Style here


Whether or not you’re a big fan of the holidays or not, it never hurts to give those around you a little love 🙂 Everyone deserves it! Hope you all enjoyed this post, and Happy-Almost-Holidays!


40 thoughts on “No Greater Gift Than LOVE

    • Haha the cutout shoulder details is what attracted me to it at first ❤ 🙂 It's cooled down a bit in the last week, but it's still considered not too cold in LA. Jealous of the NorCal weather 😛 Thank you so much for stopping by Shirlyn!


    • Aww thank you so much for the encouraging words, Stephanie 🙂 You’re too sweet! And Asia must be so cold right now. Haha Cali winters are like spring or fall in other places 😛 The sun’s always shining so brightly!


  1. In only people understand what Love means fully and builds their lives around the right principles… ❤ Loving your Love sweater hon and the wonderful message you brought with this gorgeous statement piece. Love ya and hope you keep nice and toasty this winter in LA (not that it's as freezing as it is in the UK at the moment lol). You are wonderful.
    xox Nadia

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww I totally agree, Nadia… Love is really what makes a world of difference. I’m happy you found the sweater and its message inspiring ❤ Thank you so much for always being so encouraging, Nadia 🙂 Hope you have a warm holiday season as well love! ❤ Haha hopefully, the UK isn't too freezing!


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