Blushing Pink



I’m loving this sweater weather so much! 🙂



Los Angeles is finally feeling like autumn (I guess the lower 70s can be considered fall weather, right?), and I’m celebrating by breaking out all of my cozy knits! I’ve been literally living in knits, skinny jeans, and boots, and I’m loving every second of it!



I like to think of knit sweaters as an investment of sorts because a good quality fabric will definitely take me through fall in to winter, making it a piece that I can incorporate into my wardrobe later on by layering.


Most importantly, when choosing sweaters, I like to look for super soft quality knits that feel great on the skin because they can make such a difference, particularly in terms of comfort.


I also stick to mostly v-necks because I have broader shoulders (at least for an Asian girl), so round necks often emphasize that (and not in a good way), but v-necks splice up my collar bone area, making my figure more streamlined 🙂 It’s important to find what works on your body because choosing pieces that cover the parts that you’re not as confident in, but likewise, selecting items that show parts that you’re proud of, can really make a difference in how you and your whole outfit looks as a whole.


Likewise, I’ve been going for asymmetrical split hems recently because it’s so easy to tuck in the front for a more chic look. I’ve always been a big fan of the half-tuck because it’s such an easy way to make just about any outfit instantly stylish while not forgoing comfort.


One of my absolute favorites to wear this season is definitely blush pink because it’s such a soft and delicate color that makes me feel so feminine and romantic, especially in this chilly weather. What’s even better is that blush pink can be paired with darker jeans and leather boots to balance the whole outfit for a more everyday look, while wearing it with other nude/white pieces can play up the whole look, making for a more put-together and refined outfit.

On Me
Top: Hollister Iconic V-Neck Sweater in Pale Pink, $34.95 (Sold Out)

  • Other Colors still available here
  • Pale Pink Round Neck still available here

Bottoms: Hollister Alex Jean Leggings in Dark Wash, USD $49.95

Shoes: Cathy Jean Double Strap Riding Boot in Black, $42.00

Kate Spade Mikas Pond Lacey Wallet in Rose Gold, USD $179.00 (Sold Out)

Forever 21 Cutout Geo Lariat Necklace in Silver, USD $4.90


What do you all think about blush pink? Is it a staple color in your fall wardrobe? 🙂 Let me know in the comments! I love hearing from all of you!


74 thoughts on “Blushing Pink

  1. I tend to always go for grey, cream, beige or black in winter. (okay, probably the entire year :P). Blush looks great on you, its so cozy and feminine. and i totally agree on investing on knitwear, because they will never go out of style..also its so annoying when a good looking sweater has poor quality, it just makes your neck really itchy. Great photo as always!

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    • Haha it’s okay, Tiffany. I tend to go for grey, cream, beige, and black most of the time too, but I just couldn’t resist this soft pop of color 🙂 And yes, investing in knitwear will make such a difference in the long run ❤ Thank you so much for stopping by!


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