Souvenirs from Korea


My bestie, Vicky from Vicky’s Scrapbook, is officially back from her 3-week-long vacation in Korea, and I can’t be happier that she’s back because I’ve missed our weekly Friday night dinners, our long talks about anything and everything, and even our mostly-emoji-slash-sticker-based conversations on Facebook 🙂 And well, it doesn’t hurt that she’s back with some souvenirs for me hehehe 😉

Today, I’ll be sharing with you all some of the things that she gifted me upon her return 🙂

Eiffel Tower Journal

I’m an avid writer (not only do I blog here, but I also write short stories in my free time), so this notebook is perfect for me to scribble all of my thoughts in! Also, one of my resolutions for the New Year is to write in my journal more, and now that I have such a pretty little notebook, I’m going to really try to commit to it! 🙂

Innisfree Sheet Masks

I’m a huge fan of Innisfree’s products, and their sheet masks are some of my favorites 🙂 I’ve tried the Cucumber in the past, and I really liked it. The scent for these masks aren’t overbearingly strong, so it feels really nice to put one of my face and relax as the light aromas relax my skin (and even my body and soul). I’m very excited to try the Bamboo, Green Tea, and Manuka Honey, especially since it’s been a little dry lately due to the cooler weather!

LINE Friends Hand Warmer

Can you believe a hand warmer can actually look so adorable?! 😀 This is probably one of my favorite souvenirs because 1) it’s Cony, the rabbit from LINE 2) it’s just so adorable, and 3) when heated up, it smells like chocolates and freshly baked bread!

Bear in Hanbok

Speaking of adorable souvenirs, I love this little cell phone charm! The bear is wearing a colorful hanbok, the traditional Korean dress, and it’s such a delicate little accessory, full of intricate details 🙂

Innisfree Eyebrow Pencil

I’ve been using the It’s Skin eyebrow pencil for a while now, so I can’t wait to try this Innisfree one since I’ve been so pleased with their products in the past.

Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara

While the name had me laughing, I’m so excited about this mascara because it’s supposed to be very waterproof, and I can’t wait to use it, especially since there’s going to be so many holiday festivities coming up, and my look isn’t complete without some big voluminous lashes 🙂


And last but not least, here are some samples from Nature Republic and Holika Holika! 🙂 Can’t wait to try them!

And that about concludes this roundup! 🙂 Even though I love all of these lovely souvenirs, I’m just glad that my best friend is back because I’ve missed her so much!


38 thoughts on “Souvenirs from Korea

    • Haha I’d really love to visit Korea in the near future as well 🙂 I love their skincare products so much! Haha and yes, I’m currently using their Green Tea Seed Serum and Green Tea Cleanser, and they’re both really great ❤ You should definitely try when you get the chance! Thank you so much for stopping by Tiffany, and have a great weekend!


    • Haha I’ve posted some anonymously on a few fiction websites, though I’m still a bit self-conscious about them 😛
      And yes, that hand warmer is my favorite! 😀
      Haha thank you so much for stopping by love ❤


    • I know, right?! 😀 It’s my favorite out of all the souvenirs! You just stick it in the microwave for about 20 to 30 seconds, and it’ll become a hand warmer 🙂
      And yes, love all of the Innisfree products ❤


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