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Hi loves! It’s been a while since I’ve done my last Currently Crushing (the previous one was almost three weeks ago and it was about my obsession with fall coats), so I’m back with another installment in this series, and this time, I’ll be featuring none other than my latest favorite style icon, Kim Taeyeon, the leader and main vocalist of South Korean girl group, Girls’ Generation! 🙂


Though Taeyeon is my latest favorite style icon, she’s actually always been a style inspiration to me! I love her casual and comfy approach to fashion, not to mention the wearability of her outfits for the everyday. But her most recent photos and music video for her solo debut, “I,” have got me crazy obsessed!


Her new album and single focuses heavily on feelings of freedom and finding one self, and I think she embodies these concepts so well in her wardrobe choice (I’ve even seen some comments online about how she looks like a Free People campaign). With outfits that are largely boho chic, she also opts for a more monochromatic color palette, choosing whites and nudes to really bring just a touch of femininity and delicate romance to her style without being too girly at all.


That’s also another one of the reasons why I love Taeyeon’s style – she never overdoes anything (especially since she’s spent the better half of her career wearing sparkly stage costumes so I’m sure she wants a break from all of that), choosing instead, to wear outfits that are more easygoing and relaxed.


One of my favorite looks from her photo shoot is the romantic and soft outfit that’s made up of a loose-fitting thin sweater thrown over a white midi length dress. The dress, which can actually be dressed up for a very elegant look, is instead dressed down with a sweater to be more casual. The whole effect adds just the right touch of softness to her look, and it’s the absolute perfect fall outfit, especially as the days transition from cooler mornings, to warmer afternoons, to chillier nights.


Another one of my favorite outfits from her photo shoot is a more casual look that’s made up of a long and thick-knit cardigan that’s thrown over a loose white top and scallop-hemmed shorts, paired with knee high socks and ankle boots. This outfit is one that I’m dying to recreate and wear throughout fall because I love how she balances all of the elements I love in any look – the right amount of chicness, casualness, and softness – all the while, making it look like she’s carrying the clothes (and not the other way around).


Aside from these more feminine looks, though, Taeyeon also sports a few darker outfits that are more androgynous, giving off more of a city-chic vibe, especially in comparison to the boho-chic-country-romance feel of her previous lighter-colored outfits.


One outfit in particular is just so fall appropriate, and it’s one of my absolute favorites. I love the large red plaid scarf that Taeyeon drapes over her whole black ensemble! The all-black outfit consists of a simple romper, but she gives it such an air of understated chic cool by pairing it with fall’s favorite accessories, such as the wide-brimmed wool hat, large checked scarf/throw, and a gold feather necklace).

What I love the most about Taeyeon’s style, particularly in her wardrobe choice for her solo debut, is how she does play into current trends a bit, but she always maintains her own aspect of bohemian chic in her comfortable yet casual outfits. I admire this about Taeyeon the most because she knows what looks good on her, and she always tries to bring out these qualities in her appearance, whether it’s through her makeup, hair, or clothing choices.

Bonus Outfit:
Loving that casual black-and-white frayed plaid button down!



I can’t wait to try these looks, especially since we’re right in the middle of fall! 🙂 What do you all think of Taeyeon and her style?


P.S. Have a happy and safe Halloween weekend guys! 🙂 As you might know (from my Instagram), I’m already in Vegas!

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30 thoughts on “Currently Crushing – Style Icon Kim Taeyeon

    • Haha yea, they’re pretty good 🙂 Very different from the songs that she sings as a part of Girls’ Generation, but I like how refreshing it sounds!
      Thank you for always showing so much support to both me and my blog, Annie! ❤


    • I’m glad you enjoyed the post, Nadia! 🙂
      And thank you! It was really fun! Now time to edit some of the photos from the trip haha!
      And of course, thank you for following! I’ve just followed you back on IG as well ❤ Love your feed!


  1. I am obsessed with Taeyeon’s songs “I,” “Gemini,” and “Farewell”! Her album is great and it’s a nice change from the usually upbeat sounds of SNSD. Her musical style fits her so well. ❤

    Her favorite outfit on mine is the black dress with the red plaid shawl. When I first saw her music video, I was just like, "

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