Fall in to Autumn



Happy Monday everyone! Well, not exactly “happy” (more like tired), but you all know what I mean hehehe 😛


I’m back again with a fashion-related post today, and I’m so excited to share this black-and-white autumn look with you all since it’s finally feeling like fall in Los Angeles 😀 (though that actually means temperatures are still in the lower 80s)!


Since it’s still warm in the afternoons, I opted for a darker pair of denim shorts. The shorter length makes this outfit a lot more functional since I don’t want to walk around sweating in jeans just yet. Likewise, the darker wash is more autumn appropriate since fall is ruled by a richer color palette.


To avoid shivering as the night cools down, I wore one of my favorite ivory kimonos. Though its lighter color seems to deviate away from what I just said before about fall’s darker colors, this kimono’s ivory color balances the chic black with notes of delicate hints. What’s even better is that this kimono is actually made of up intricate crochet details, with fringed sleeves (a super fun trend this fall) that soften the whole outfit 🙂


Underneath the kimono, I wore one of my favorite wardrobe staples, a loose fitting t-shirt, which can be half-tucked into shorts for an instantly chic look.


I finished off the whole look with a wide-brimmed black wool hat, one of autumn’s most basic accessories, and my trusty black ankle booties, effectively completing the balance of white and black for this whole outfit.


Though I’ve tried to wear more color during the spring and summer, there’s just something about fall that makes me want to go back to my monochromatic pieces because there’s just something so chic about fashion’s most basic yet classic colors 🙂


And I don’t know if any of you noticed, but I cut my hair! I chopped off quite a few good inches since longer hair takes a longer time to dry, and I don’t want to go to sleep with wet locks in the winter (Grandma always warns me of headaches in the future if I don’t dry my hair all the way before bed). Do any of your parents/grandparents warn you of this too? 😛

On Me
Shirt: YesStyle’s Click Short-Sleeve Tree Print T-Shirt, $15.21 (Sold Out)
Long-Sleeve version still available here

Outerwear: Hollister Arrow Point Lace Duster Kimono in Cream $49.95 (Sold Out)
Similar Styles here and here

Bottoms: Hollister Midi-Length Shorts in Black Wash $39.95

Shoes: Cathy Jeans High-Heeled Ankle Boots in Black, USD $39.99 (Sold Out)
Similar Stylesrag & bone, Munro, G.H. Bass and Co.

Forever 21 Braided Trim Floppy Hat in Black, USD $17.90

H&M Rectangular Shoulder Bag in White, USD $24.95


Is it feeling like fall where you live? How are you all dressing for the cooler temperatures? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear from you!


48 thoughts on “Fall in to Autumn

    • Thank you so much love 🙂 And aww it must be super cold in Toronto right now. Haha stay warm ❤ Can't wait to start wearing chunky scarves and sweaters too (though in LA that probably means not until late December or early January)!


    • Yes, wool hats are perfect for the fall! I’ve been wanting to get a gray and maroon one too 🙂 Haha and the leaves are finally changing, so that’s what made the red hue so picturesque ❤ Thank you for stopping by Shirlyn!

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