Currently Crushing – Ready for Fall with Coats


I can literally feel my heart thumping at the excitement for autumn’s arrival!


It’s officially the fall (though it doesn’t really feel like it yet in LA)! With one of my favorite seasons coming up, I’m so thrilled to be adding some of my most adored items into my wardrobe – coats!


Coats have been a long-time obsession of mine since I was in the eleventh grade, and my love for these classically tailored pieces have not diminished over the years at all!


Whether it’s a lightweight trench, a versatile peacoat, a colorful wool piece, or even a thick furry number, coats always make any outfit instantly put together and sophisticated, channeling just the right amount of casual chic and class.


Oftentimes, coats remind me so much of New York City, and this is especially evident in Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen’s wardrobes when they were filming the popular television series, Gossip Girl, a few years ago.



Playing Upper East Side socialites, Leighton Meester and Blake Lively both incorporate a variety of coats into their fall and winter wardrobes, giving off the perfect air of stylish aristocracy and chic sophistication.


Any time I want to add just a boost of confidence to an otherwise simple sweater-and-skinny-jeans fall and winter outfit, I just have to throw on a structured coat to achieve a very put-together and classic look. 🙂



I also love the casualness of coats, as they’re often worn by celebrities and models, most specifically when they’re walking the streets or strutting down the airport terminals. Either way, coats just add so much character, structure, definition, and class to any outfit.


For instance, Elizabeth Olsen’s casual outfit looks so chic simply just by pairing her coat with her booties (and that pop of blue on her scarf really takes things up a notch).


Miranda Kerr’s gray menswear-inspired coat also gives a different silhouette to her normally feminine style, and she rocks the casual look with an air of authority 🙂


A lighter colored coat adds an air of sweetness to any outfit, and Candice plays up the femininity with a similar colored beanie, a color trick that can help you create a lot of different looks!


Coats can also be used to complete a monochromatic look, opting for a chic style that spells total dominance (especially if it’s an all-black number) 😉


Blazer-type cape coats are also very popular this season, and I already have one in black 🙂 It’s such a versatile piece and adds a feminine silhouette to just about any outfit. I’m on the look out for a lighter colored one to wear during the day as well!


And of course, the fall wardrobe isn’t complete without the a long coat!

Shop Coats That I Currently Love (Click on Pictures for Link)


aB Roll Sleeve Wrap Trench Coat


Gucci Wool Double-Breasted Trenchcoat


Express Color Block Red (Minus The) Leather Trench Coat


Express Brown Wool Blend Long Trench Coat


Escada Techno Belted Short Coat


Zara Coat with Pockets


Zara Handmade Cape Sleeve Coat


Gucci Felted Bonded Herringbone Peacoat

Are you all as excited about the fall as I am? Let me know what outerwear you’re all looking forward to this autumn! I love shopping, and I’d also love to add some new pieces to my wardrobe! Happy shopping everyone!

elizabeth t.

44 thoughts on “Currently Crushing – Ready for Fall with Coats

    • Haha I’m a huge fan too! 🙂 It’s okay, a girl can never have too many coats in her wardrobe hehe 😛 And yes, the grey trench and peacoat are such versatile and timeless pieces that never really go out of style ❤ Thank you so much for stopping by Shirlyn 🙂

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  1. I’m obsessed with coats too! I prefer the ones that are a bit oversized, it seems more cool to me! great picks Elizabeth 🙂 I guess the good thing about being in London, is that we get to wear coats a bit earlier haha!


  2. I like the Express Brown Wool Blend jacket (and the jeans too!) and would definitely have gotten it, had the collar been higher. I’m always lookin’ for a jacket with a high collar, as it will help me to not have to wear 2 scarves all of the time. I used to do that when I lived in LA. Even the Ralph’s grocery store was too cold for me!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha yes, higher collars are so functional, especially in really cold areas 🙂
      And aww was it really? Haha Los Angeles is going through an extreme heat wave right now, so the only way I’m surviving is by wearing shorts almost everyday 😛
      Thank you for visiting my blog! ❤


    • Haha I feel the same way, Nadia! 😀 Coats are my obsession every fall and winter ❤
      And do you? Hehe Blake Lively is always such a style icon to me 😀 I love the way she dresses so much!
      Thank you for always showing so much to my blog, love!


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