September 2015 Favorites


Hello loves!

Can you believe September just flew by like that?!

A month that was filled with so much fashion goodness (thanks to all of the major Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Milan, and Paris), a series of end-of-the-summer plans, and of course, the start of all things burnt orange and red 🙂

As with every month’s end, I’ve compiled a list of my favorites, so without further ado, let’s get started!


One of my number one favorites this month was definitely Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen (SPF 55)! September was still a steaming hot month in Los Angeles, with temperatures in the high 90s and low 100s D: With such sunny days, I wouldn’t have survived without sunblock 😦 I have fair skin that burns really easily, so whenever I wore shorts, I made sure to apply a nice thorough layer of Neutrogena’s sunblock 🙂 It’s very lightweight, not too fragrant, and super long-lasting! I went through one whole bottle this summer, and this one is my second one! I’ll definitely be repurchasing it next summer as well!


Up next is Maybelline’s Full ’N Soft Mascara in their Waterproof formula. Since it’s been so hot, anything other than waterproof mascara won’t last in Los Angeles D: I love how natural this mascara looks when it’s applied 🙂 With only one coat, lashes look so long and voluminous already!


On my casual days, I usually just wear BB cream, fill in my eyebrows, and swipe on one coat of this stuff! 🙂 If I want a more dramatic look, for a dinner or a party, I apply just a few more coats, and it almost looks like I’m wearing false eyelashes despite it being my real ones! 🙂 I love how buildable and waterproof this formula is!


As many of you know from my previous review, I’ve been suffering from an allergic reaction, and my skin has been super dry, though it’s not really soaking up any of my normal moisturizers. That’s why I’ve turned to Innisfree’s Olive Real Essential Oil. I love how with just about three drops, I can thoroughly moisturize my parched skin! I can literally see it soaking it all up! I know that some people are turned off by oils since it can seem too thick, but I’ve been loving this! If any of you are also fans of oils, don’t hesitate to give this a try! Innisfree creates some of the best products (and for a super affordable price too)! 🙂 Another plus – I love the super light fragrance of this oil!


In addition to dry skin, the ends of my hair have also been suffering due to too much styling (I’m sorry, hair, but summer’s all about those sexy, beachy waves), so I’ve been treating my hair every night with Garnier Fructis’s Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum. I love the fruity fragrant of this serum, and it feels great when applied to the hair! 🙂 My biggest concern when it comes to serums are that they’ll be too oily and will make my hair appear greasy, but I don’t get that with this serum at all! It keeps my hair fresh pretty much all day, yet it does such a great job of restoring moisture to the ends! Another way that I love to use this is to apply just a tiny little to the ends after I flat iron it because it really smooths the hair and tames fly-aways! 😀

I’m pretty sure you all know about my recent obsession with Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams (as shown through my OOTD post Wildest Dreams), but actually, there’s been another song that’s been stuck in my head as well, which is Ron Pope’s A Drop in the Ocean. It’s a beautifully heartbreaking song about unrequited love (for some reason, I always love songs like that even though they’re so sad) 🙂 And I like literally just realized this song was used in The Vampire Diaries (which is one of my favorite TV shows of all time), specifically in Season 3 Episode 1, when Stefan calls Elena. Hope you all enjoy the song as much as I do 🙂

And on the note of television shows, one of my new favorites is Scream: The TV Series! The series is a television adaptation of the original film series (though I never watched those). But I’m absolutely in love with this series! Every episode is like a mystery because I’m always trying to guess who the murderer is, and every minute literally has me at the edge of my seat! Maybe I’m just a scaredy-cat, but this show actually makes my heart beat so fast! It’s scary and thrilling, but I can’t stop watching it! If any of you also love murder mysteries, this is the perfect show to watch! A big plus – MTV’s premiered only one season so far, and there’s only 10 episodes, so that’ll make it really easy for anyone that wants to catch up 🙂


And finally, we’ve come to my favorite book of the month – The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger. With Anne Hathaway’s movie, The Intern, coming out in theaters in the US, it just reminded me so much of her spectacular performance as an assistant in The Devil Wears Prada so many years ago! 🙂 In this new movie, though, she’s no longer the assistant, and instead, has a senior intern (hahaha!), but the reversal of roles has me a little nostalgic of one of my favorite books of all time, so I picked up The Devil Wears Prada from my bookshelf and reread it very thoroughly in the past month 🙂 I ended up loving it even more than the first time, and I really recommend it to everyone, not just because it’s a good read, but because it actually portrays the actual working side of working in fashion (the stress, the pressure, the demands, the insane hours) 🙂 A really fun and insightful book!

So that sums up my favorites for this month! What were all of your guys’ faves? Let me know in the comments!

And I can’t wait for October! 😀 Halloween, and after that, it’s November (Thanksgiving) and December (Christmas) – two of my favorite holidays of all time! Thank you all so much, and I’ll be back again soon!


33 thoughts on “September 2015 Favorites

  1. I LOVE monthly favourites, and your has been a lovely treat, girlie 🙂 I esp appreciate it when it’s not just beauty related but also has a personality and displays things we love! I also did my Sep Faves woot woot!
    That anti-frizz serum sounds amazing, I defo must get it! Thanks for a perfect suggestion! I need to up my hair care game 🙂 Also, Maybelline waterproof mascara sounds lovely! I am so glad these products are great and affordable. And don’t get me even started on how much I love DWP! The book, the movie – it’s amazing! 🙂
    xox Nadia

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww thank you Nadia 🙂 And yes, I know what you mean! I love monthly favorites that include items that aren’t just beauty-related as well ❤
      And yes, you should definitely try the serum! It's wonderful and very affordable ^_^
      Loved your favorites list too! Have a great weekend, girl! 😉


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