Kate Somerville Eradikate Acne Treatment Review


Hello loves!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a product review, so here I am with one for you guys!

This is a review of my most recent purchase, Kate Somerville’s Eradikate Acne Treatment, and I absolutely couldn’t wait to gush about is with you all! 🙂 I have to say, this little bottle of goodness has literally been a miracle worker for my skin in the last couple of weeks!

Just to give everyone a little background of my skin condition, I have normal/sensitive skin that tends to break out during that special time of the month and whenever the weather changes drastically.

Because LA has been going through unbearably hot weeks followed by a few days of cooling down before the cycle starts again, my skin has been suffering from a horrible allergic reaction towards the end of August 😦 My face was literally itchy the whole day, and it was dry, but it just wouldn’t soak up any of my normal moisturizers at all T-T I kept breaking out, with little pimples and whiteheads all over my skin, and to make matters worse, my usual salicylic acid treatment wasn’t doing anything either.

I tried to cool my itching skin down with some soothing mask sheets, and sure enough, it really helped calm down the redness and itchiness, but sadly, the whiteheads were still there 😦

That’s when I decided to pick up this little bottle of sulfur treatment since I’ve heard so many good reviews about it in the past. And sure enough, it didn’t disappoint at all!

I put it on at night as the last step of my skincare routine, and when I woke up, my skin calmed down so much! It literally sucked all of the nasty oil out of my pimples because they were all flatter and only a small amount of whiteheads remained! 🙂

My skin is still recovering slowly from the allergic reaction, but this product have been helping tons, and I’m absolutely in love with it!

At $24.00, it’s a pretty reasonably priced product, and the bottle isn’t that small either. Plus, since you have to use this product by dipping a Q-tip into it, a little goes a long way too, so I’m sure this will last a really long time!
The only negative comment I have is the smell – since it’s made of 10% sulfur, the scent is quite strong and medicinal, but it’s a small price I’m willing to pay since it’s helping treat my skin condition.

Do you all have any other acne topical treatments/medications that you’re using and have had positive results with? I’d love to know because a girl can never have too much in her medicine cabinet, just in case! Hope you all enjoyed this post, and I’ll be back again soon!


8 thoughts on “Kate Somerville Eradikate Acne Treatment Review

  1. Oh my gosh I can totally relate. When I lived in LA, my skin went nuts! Especially around that time of the month. I would get rashes from the weather being too dry and hot, and nothing would help. I would put mounds of Vitamin E oil for relief. I will have to try this though! It looks amazing. All the best! XO, Ellese


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    • Yes, oh my gosh, Los Angeles is going through some bipolar weather conditions lately, and my skin can’t keep up 😦
      And thank you so much for the recommendation Ellese ❤ I've been using an oil from Innisfree, and it's been helping tons 🙂 I'll definitely give the Vitamin E oil a try too!


  2. This is a fantastic review, Elizabeth! + an amazing product. Aww hon I feel your pain on the allergy department. I have had a terrible allergy in December 2014 and itchy & dry skin + breakouts felt like a constant nightmare. Thanks for this lovely recommendation as well as your amazing comment on my blog. Great requests – I will definitely do them 🙂
    xox Nadia

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    • Yes, my skin will be okay for a few days, but then when the weather conditions change, it becomes a nightmare all over again 😦
      And of course! Thank you so much for taking my recommendations into mind ❤ Can't wait to see even more helpful posts from your blog 🙂


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