I Woke Up Like This



Haha I wish #iwokeuplikethis! That would actually save me so much time from getting ready in the morning, and I could sleep in for a few more minutes! 😛


Haha but nooooo I don’t think anyone can look put-together the moment they hop out of bed LOL (but a girl can dream haha)!


This hashtag has been all the rage in this past year, so when I saw this lightweight graphic print sweater, I knew I just had to have it!



I know school has started for most of you, and this is an outfit that incorporates both comfort and style that’s perfect for a day on campus as well as a night out with friends! 🙂


Although this pullover is super casual, the loud statement really makes such an impact, making it the perfect conversation starter at parties! 😀


Since it’ll most likely still be warm, opting for jeans or pants right away can seem a little suffocating, so why not take advantage of that light summer tan we got from all of those beach days? 😉


Instead of pairing this lightweight pullover with shorts, which will make for a very casual look, I decided to wear it with a bodycon tank minidress that I got awhile ago. This dress is very figure-fitting, so it brings out all of your curves, but it may be a bit too much to wear to school on its own. This is why I wore the sweater over it, which makes it look as though I’m wearing a pullover and a skirt! 🙂



I love the versatility of this outfit because if I have to go out with friends after class but I don’t have time to go home to change, I can just take the sweater off and tie it around my waist for an edgier and more stylish look! To make it stand out even more, make sure you leave the graphic print out so that the front of the shirt is actually facing outwards 😀


Paired with stylish high-top wedged sneakers that are comfortable enough to trek across campus in, this whole outfit is complete 🙂

On Me
Top: Dresslink I WOKE UP LIKE THIS Printed Pullover in Black/White, USD $5.66

Dress: YesStyle Click Striped Bodycon Tank Minidress in White/Heather Gray, USD $19.95 (Sold Out)

Similar Styles – YesStyle Forest of Darama, Colorpolitan, and Dreamgirl

Shoes: Cathy Jeans High-Top Wedge Sneakers in Black, USD $39.99 (Sold Out)

Similar StylesBalenciaga, Nike, Converse

Kate Spade Wellesley Alessa in Robinsegg, USD $249.00 (Sold Out)

Similar StylesKate Spade Montford Park Smooth Ashton and Kate Spade Parker Street Allena

What do you all usually wear to go to school? 🙂 I’d love to hear how all of you are styling as well! All of this talk about school actually makes me miss it (even the midterms and papers) haha! 🙂


Disclaimer: A huge thanks to Dresslink for sponsoring this shirt so I can style even more outfits for my awesome subbies and friends! Thank you so much for your love & support! 🙂

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