Parental Advisory



Is it just me, or is that a breeze I feel?


Yes, it is! 😀 Seems like we’re finally getting our first taste of fall!


Although it’s starting to get a little chillier at night, the days are still warm in California (especially the day right after we shot this – it became like 100 degrees!), so I can’t exactly break out the long-sleeves or heavier coats just yet (even though I want to haha!) 😛


On days like this, I really like to just wear t-shirts and jeans, and though you may think this is such a plain outfit, it can actually be quite stylish and fun, especially if you pick a top with a quirky design, colorful logo, or loud graphic print! 🙂


The “Parental Advisory” shirts have been around for a long while now, and I’ve noticed they never seem to really go out of style. Other than the fun and creative print (which is typically on the covers of CDs that are geared towards an 18+ audience), the best thing about this shirt is that it’s very comfortable as well as versatile! 🙂


When picking out t-shirts, it’s always important to pay attention to the length of the shirt to make sure it matches your preferences. For me, since my upper body is pretty long, I like to pick shirts that are also lengthier as well, just to make sure my midriff doesn’t show if I were to lift my arms up just slightly. I also like longer t-shirts so I can tuck in the front half for a more chic and put-together look 🙂


Whether paired with jeans or shorts or even a skirt, t-shirts can be used as a basic piece to play up the style that you want to emulate.


If you want to go for a girly-meets-tomboy look, then tucking a fun t-shirt into an a-line skirt can play up that trend. With shorts (and maybe even tights underneath since we’re going to be moving into fall), a funner and more trendy outfit can be created.


However, since I wanted to play up the slightly rebellious yet casual aspect of my outfit, I paired it simply with a pair of jeans and high-heeled ankle booties for a grungier and darker look 🙂


To complete the whole ensemble, I decided to add my varsity jacket to the outfit! Whether it’s actually worn or simply tied around the waist for a more structured yet layered look, adding a jacket plays up the chicness of an otherwise simple outfit 🙂

On Me
Top: StyleMoi Parental Advisory Longline T-Shirt in White/Black, USD $19.99

Bottoms: Hollister Alex Jean Leggings in Dark Wash, USD $49.95

Jacket: UCI Interlock Varsity Jacket in Navy, USD $59.95

Similar Styles – YesStyle’s 59 Seconds (here, here, and here)

Shoes: Cathy Jeans High-Heeled Ankle Boots in Black, USD $39.99 (Sold Out)

Similar Stylesrag & bone, Munro, G.H. Bass and Co.

Kate Spade Wellesley Alessa in Robinsegg, USD $249.00 (Sold Out)

Similar StylesKate Spade Montford Park Smooth Ashton and Kate Spade Parker Street Allena


I hope you all enjoyed this week’s outfit post! For this shoot, we tried to do things a little differently again! Because our street photography shoot, Black At It, got such a good response, we decided to find more shooting locations in hopes of bringing you guys even more high quality images! 🙂


This shoot was super nerve-wrecking to do because even though it was basically an-almost deserted railroad, a few cars that were passing by kept stopping to look at us, so it was kind of strange at first! But luckily, it was a quiet and somewhat deserted part of town haha so it turned out to be really fun! 😛


I hope you all liked these photos 🙂 It was definitely a super fun shoot, and I hope you’ll all like the photos as much as we liked shooting them!

What’re you all wearing as we finally transition from summer to fall? Let me know in the comments! 🙂 Thank you all! And hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!



Disclaimer: A huge thanks to StyleMoi for sponsoring this shirt so I can style even more outfits for my awesome subbies and friends! Thank you so much for your love & support! 🙂

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  1. Very appropriate location, love it! I can’t wait til Fall, it’s my favorite season and I’m a gal who loves her sweaters.

    Hope you’re having a great week Elizabeth!
    – Lauren

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