Currently Crushing – Boxy Sweatshirts Trend


It seems a summer heat wave has rolled over Los Angeles lately, with super-hot mornings, stuffy afternoons, and humid nights.


But that isn’t stopping fashion’s inevitable shift from summer-to-fall pieces. Thicker cardigans, knit-sweaters, wool coats, and boots alike are all making their way to the racks of fast fashion stores, upscale boutiques, and flashy department stores, but the items that have caught my eye lately are boxy sweatshirts!


Yes, when one thinks of sweatshirts, one generally thinks of a plain gray, long-sleeved fleece pullover that’s usually associated with either sports or sleeping…


But whenever I think of sweatshirts, I’m thinking of trendy statement pieces that have been taking the streets by storm 🙂

With the right accessories and styling, even sweatshirts can be fashionable!


First off, I like to pick sweatshirts that are bold, be it through a loud statement or cute prints and pockets. Since sweatshirts are “plain” (or so perceived), choosing one that stands out really makes all the difference.


Once you have your sweatshirt picked out, it’s time to find the perfect pair of bottoms! Paired with skinny jeans, sweatshirts can make for a very casual and simple look, perfect for a day of running errands or school! 🙂 With a nice pair of sneakers or running shoes, the look is complete!


If you want to play up the fun factor, try pairing with either shorts or a skirt! This is especially ideal for those of us who are living in warmer climates, since the summer-to-autumn transition happens very gradually, so days might still be a little too warm for jeans. With military or ankle boots, the whole look is given a more street-style chic vibe, completing the outfit perfectly!


And just a side note – the best thing about sweatshirts is that us girls can even steal some flashy statement pieces from the guys!


Shop Sweatshirt Styles That I Currently Love (Click on Pictures for Link)


Dress Link Casual Long-Sleeved Round Neck Sweater Owl Stamp


YesStyle Click Polka Dot Accent Sweatshirt


Zara Color Block Sweatshirt (Men)


Dress Link Cotton Sweatshirt with Double Pockets


Dress Link Korean Cute Mustache Round Neck Sweater


Dress Link Korean Fleece Pullover with Mustache Pocket


Zara Side Zip Sweatshirt (Men)

What do you all think of the sweatshirt trend? How would you wear this piece? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear how everyone else is styling as well!


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