Striped T-Shirt Dress



August is finally upon us in Los Angeles, and as one of the hottest months of summer, it’s almost impossible to dress for the unbearable heat!

Everyday, I’m so lazy to dress up, opting instead for pieces that are super comfortable yet breezy, and my latest favorites have got to be t-shirt dresses!

With it’s loose fit, almost similar to that of a shift dress, t-shirt dresses offer the femininity of a more girly silhouette while maintaining an air of casual chic. Plus, since it’s a one piece, it makes for such a breathable yet put-together outfit on its own, a huge perk for me since it’s so hard to be motivated to assemble a whole look a hot summer morning! 🙂



If you’re afraid that you might get lost in the loose silhouette of a t-shirt dress, you can always add a thin belt to cinch the waist for a more fitted look. In my case, I went for a brown braided faux leather belt because it just looks so understated against the white and bright blue stripes, allowing attention to be drawn to the fun and bold patterns of this dress.


On that note, if you want to play up the fun factor of the t-shirt dress, opting for bright colors, fun patterns, or graphic prints can help an otherwise simple outfit standout, making it such a statement piece!


Even though horizontal stripes are generally believed to shorten a body, choosing thinner and darker stripes that are placed closer together against a light backdrop (such as white) can create an optical illusion of a thinner body, particularly in a t-shirt dress since it’s such a boxy and loose piece. With its larger sleeves, my arms look super thin, and the mid-thigh hemline can also lend to making legs appear thinner and longer than they really are.



To add a more casual vibe to the entire outfit, I opted for a tan colored parka that wouldn’t take the focus away from the fun stripes, but at the same time, would give more dimension to my simple look.



Rather than picking up my usual purses, I instead opted for a simple canvas bag because it just seems more fitting for a casual outfit. Also, a larger canvas bag allows more carrying room, making it a lot more convenient, especially if you’re going out to run errands.


And last but not least, paired with white sneakers, the whole look is just so youthful, perfect for summer days frolicking out in the sun! 🙂


On Me
Dress: Cherryville Striped T-Shirt Dress in Blue/White, USD $30.90 (Sold Out)

Similar Styles at Forever 21, Cotton On, and YesStyle

Outerwear: Cotton On Anorak in Light Tan, USD $49.95 (Sold Out)

Similar Styles at Cotton On and American Eagle Outfitters

Shoes: Keds Champion Originals in White, USD $45.00

American Eagle Outfitters Classic Embroidered Canvas Tote Bag in Light Tan, USD $34.95 (Sold Out)

Similar Styles at Aerie, American Eagle, Forever 21, and one more from Forever 21


As an everyday outfit, t-shirt dresses in bright hues and fun patterns can really make an otherwise simple look very chic yet casual without trying too hard! I hope you all like this outfit, and for those of you who are also living in an eternal summer oven, what’re you all wearing to keep cool in this impossible heat? Let me know in the comments below! Thank you all so much for the constant love!


28 thoughts on “Striped T-Shirt Dress

    • Aww thanks Kelly! 🙂 And yes, LA’s heat is unbearable this time of the year!
      Thank you so much for your flattering comment! ❤
      And of course! Can't wait to check out your blog too!


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