My Top Summer Nail Polishes


I love doing my nails in my free time, and I’m always on the hunt for new colors! 🙂 However, when it’s summer, there’s just a few colors that I keep on going back to, time and time again!

Today, I’ll be sharing with you all some of my favorite summer nail polishes!


1. Sinful Colors #300 Easy Going
A soft baby pink color, this nail polish looks so pretty, especially on those days where you’re wearing a white summer dress! 🙂 It’s so romantic and gives just the right amount of femininity, but the pastel nature of this pale pink color makes it so chic and modern as well!

P.S. It’s the perfect summer garden party color!


2. Pure Ice #1061 Shore Bet
I’ve been obsessed with nude nails as of lately, and this one from Pure Ice is such a beautiful color! I love this polish because it makes any outfit instantly chic and sophisticated 🙂 A big plus – the formula for the Pure Ice nail polishes are actually of a really high quality, considering that it goes for only about $2 per bottle 😛 I’ve had mine for awhile now, but it still hasn’t dried out yet, giving such a smooth and flawless finish


3. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear #240 Babe Blue
One of my absolute favorites since spring, this baby blue color is so sweet yet fun! 😀 I’ve been reaching for this almost every time I do my toes lately, and I can’t get enough! Even though it looks like there’s glitter in the polish, once it’s on the nails, you can’t notice it at all

Tip – For toes, picking a really bright or extreme color (that you normally wouldn’t paint your nails with) is a good choice because it really brightens up the skin color of your feet! 🙂 This way, when you wear sandals in the summer, your toes will really have that pop!


4. Pure Ice #277CP Home Run
Another one of my go-to toe colors, this mint green reminds me so much of my favorite robin-egg-blue boxes! It’s such a pretty and classic color, and it looks absolutely amazing, especially paired with white or glitter polishes (which make for some fun nail art, especially when you’re bored)!


5. Sinful Colors #101 Snow Me White
This is my go to French-tip polish, but sometimes, the white’s so brilliant that I actually just paint my whole nail with this color! 😀 It’s so minimalistic yet so hip and chic at the same time! A big plus – it matches any outfit


Hope you all enjoyed this post! What’re your favorite nail polishes for this summer? Let me know in the comments below because I’d love to find some new colors to add to my collection as well!


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