Weekend Brunch at Blu Jam

Is brunch even allowed to be this good?!

I’ve heard about Blu Jam on Yelp for quite some time now (maybe two or three years ago), but I just never got around to trying it.

But this past Saturday, after deciding that we were going to come to The Grove for some shopping, me and Vicky T. from Vicky’s Scrapbook stopped by Blu Jam late in the morning (or early in the afternoon, depending on what you consider morning or when you actually wake up).

Aside from the street parking (if you park in the residential streets behind Melrose, there are actually a handful of spots) and the 45-minute wait (which actually turned out to be much shorter – only half an hour tops – but then again, good food always equates to a long wait), Blu Jam definitely has everything on point! 😀

The cafe itself is really quaint with the red brick detailing on the walls, its high ceilings, and dark mahogany tables and chairs. It just gives off that casual downtown feel, and it just seems like the perfect atmosphere for brunch.

After skimming over the menu, we ordered the Crunchy French Toast (which is all over Yelp – and for good reason too because that is absolutely the best plate of sweet indulgence I have had in awhile) and the Burgundy Omelette (though we substituted the goat cheese with mozzarella because we’re not really fans of our four-legged friend’s dairy products) to share.

With its warm and fluffy interior juxtaposed against the crunchy and sweet exterior, the Crunchy French Toast alone – without even the berries, powdered sugar, and vanilla bean sauce – already proves that all the hype it’s been getting is the real deal. There’s just something so magical about mixing soft and crunchy, tasteful yet sweet, that gets your taste buds to really work up a party in your mouth.

Moving on, the omelette (which is made of three eggs, spinach, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, chives, fresh tarragon, cheese, and is served with grilled potatoes and toast) is one large heaping serving of the all-American-breakfast-goodness all in one. Even if we didn’t order the Crunchy French Toast, I think just this omelette would’ve been enough to fill up the both of us. The large portions (and the price you get it for – $12.95) definitely earns Blu Jam another star! 🙂

We both ordered Vanilla Lattes, and they’re pretty good, though there wasn’t any latte art (bummer), but the food more than made up for that!

All in all, Blu Jam is definitely worth a try, but if you’re daunted by the wait or the street parking, just come a little earlier to avoid all of the brunch rush! 🙂 Will definitely be back again soon!

Happy Brunching!


Blu Jam
7371 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046

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