A Robin Egg Blue Easter

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Happy Easter lovelies!

As a child, I was always excited about this particular holiday because our family would have an annual egg hunt, and I absolutely loved getting my little hands on those pastel colored eggs (for the chocolates inside, of course :P).

Even as I got older, whenever I see pastel colors, I’m always reminded of my childhood, digging through the grass in my grandma’s yard with my cousins for Easter eggs.


This Easter is no different and as I reminisce about those carefree days, I channeled all of the overflowing holiday spirit into my wardrobe – a long, flowing, robin egg blue maxi dress.




I love this maxi dress because it sports a shorter skirt inside, while the outer, longer dress acts as a cover-up with long, daring slits up the sides. It’s the perfect balance of dreamy windswept skirts and subtle edge, especially with the cut-out lace details on the back.



To top off the light color palette of this whole outfit, I’m carrying a large white tote bag, and I also added an oversized straw hat as well to complete the whole relaxed, casual vibe of the whole ensemble.


For shoes, I went with my current favorite Nine West strappy sandals again since the white color really pops against the floor-sweeping length of the pastel-colored maxi dress.


To add some more details to the outfit as a whole, I also donned a necklace and hoops, so there will be some shine and sparkle on top of the soft pastel colors.

On Me

Dress: Hollister Laguna Niguel Knit Maxi Dress in Robin Egg Blue, USD $45.00

Shoes: Nine West Find Me Gladiator Strappy Flat Sandals in Off White, USD $69.00



Coach Peyton Leather Pocket Tote in White, USD $398.00

Charlotte Russe Silver Jeweled Necklaces, USD $9.50

American Eagle Bohemian Gold Hoops Earrings, USD $25.00

Target Straw Hat in Tan, USD $15.00

Braided Rope Belt in Ivory, USD $1.50 (Thrifted)


Whether you’re going to soak up some sun at the beach or go for a nice walk in the park, this dress is the perfect outfit to wear on a casual outdoor trip since its fun and casual, but at the same time, a little flirty and magical. Are maxi dresses a part of your wardrobe essentials for this season? Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear how all of you are styling as well!


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