Black on Black


One of the hottest trends for awhile now is the jogger pant. With its relaxed fit and soft fabric, joggers are the essential pants for spring since they still offer hints of warmth to protect against those still-chilly-breezes, but at the same time, the material is usually not too overbearingly thick so it’s just the right amount of coverage.



I think joggers look the best with crop tops because these pants are more or less high-waisted, so with a shorter top, it can showcase just enough skin to hint at warmer seasons. And besides, all of that pale skin has been hiding behind thick sweaters and coats the whole winter! It’s time to let them come out and soak up the beautiful California sunshine!



For my top, I went with a high low crop top that I purchased awhile ago. While it may look like just an ordinary crop top from the front, the back actually sports a cape-tail (one of my fave shirt details) and mesh cut out. The sheer back of the shirt makes it a really cool shirt (literally and figuratively) because it’ll keep the heat away, but at the same time, makes the whole plain black t-shirt look a lot sexier and edgier. With the button on the back, the whole focus of the top is concentrated on the mesh cut-out details.



A personal tip for picking out tops – though I chose a top that seems really simple, there are intricate details about it that make it stand out from the ordinary shirt. When shopping, look for tops like this because they usually spice up the outfit without you having to make any extra effort. Plus, it not only saves time, but also money in the accessories department 😉


The joggers that I picked are woven, featuring zippered leg openings and slanted front pockets. Because the pants are also black and can get lost in the whole outfit, picking pieces with details like shiny zippers allow the bottoms to have a focus point as well. Also, due to the slightly baggy fit of jogger pants, with zippered leg openings at the ankle, the whole figure is more streamlined because attention is drawn to the ankles.


Because the whole outfit is made up of only black, I decided to give my accessories a pop of color, going for white sandals, shiny necklaces, a bright handbag, and white-framed sunglasses.



Don’t ever think you can’t pair black with black. Monochromatic color schemes actually create an illusion of a longer and leaner body. To give the whole ensemble more dimension, I stuck with black, but chose two pieces that are different shades of the same color and are made of different fabrics. This way, from afar, I’ll still look taller than I really am, but up close, I don’t risk losing focus because each piece stands out from the other.


On Me

Top: Forever 21 High Low Crop Top in Black, USD $15.90

Bottom: Forever 21 Zippered Woven Joggers in Black, USD $22.80

Shoes: Nine West Find Me Gladiator Strappy Flat Sandals in Off White, USD $69.00


Marc by Marc Jacobs Amy Leather Watch, USD $150.00

Kate Spade Wellesley Alessa in Robinsegg, USD $249.00

Forever 21 Gray/Silver Jeweled Necklaces, USD $12.80

Forever 21 White-Framed Studded Cat-Eye Sunglasses, USD $7.90


What trends are you all sporting this spring? Are joggers and crop tops a part of your wardrobe essentials for this season? Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear how all of you are styling as well!


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