Basic Construction


It’s finally June, and it’s the day I’ve been working so hard for – it’s finally my graduation!
After four long years, it’s finally time for me to say goodbye to my undergraduate academic career forever. And though it’s a happy, yet bittersweet time for everyone, there’re also some levels of anxiety and confusion as to what to wear, so I’ve decided to share the simple yet comfortable look that I’m going to be rocking on the day of with you all today.





I wanted a dress that would add minimum bulk to my whole ensemble, since the graduation gown is already very big. With a sleeveless body-hugging piece like this one, there won’t be any messy clutter or unnecessary discomfort.






Though the dress is simple, it does have special detailing that spices up the look, so it’s not completely boring and monochromatic. The top section has been cut out, and is actually made up of mesh, so while the dress isn’t too elaborate, the cut-out mesh-insert of the front and back allows it to stand out as well.


Another perk about the mesh detailing is that it is slightly more airy, making the whole look more breathable, especially since I’ll be wearing this under my graduation gown.


For shoes, I’ve opted for some high-heeled ankle boots. Depending on where your graduation ceremony will be held, you will either have to walk on grass fields, uneven pavement, or slippery flooring. With shoes that have a thicker heel and aren’t too high, you’ll always be safe and won’t have to be afraid of falling flat on your face in front of everyone when you go onstage to receive your diploma.


I kept my accessories to a minimum, since it’ll most likely be covered by the graduation gown.


On Me

Dress: H&M Body-Con Cotton Dress in Dark Gray, USD $24.95

Shoes: Cathy Jeans High-Heeled Ankle Boots in Black, USD $39.99


For this look, I focused heavily on comfort. Graduation ceremonies are generally very long and depending on your school’s venue of choice, can be either indoors or outdoors. Not only do you want a look that will have you sitting comfortably for a few hours, you also want an outfit that can keep you warm enough, but also won’t be unbearably hot.


Hope you all enjoyed, and I’ll be back again soon!



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