Power of the “Korean” Eyebrow


In the recent years, both Korean dramas and pop culture have been rapidly growing in popularity. With this newfound admiration for the dewy skinned Korean actresses and idol singers comes love for another staple of their effortlessly beautiful makeup – the signature “Korean” eyebrows.

Oftentimes, we see eyebrows that are overly thinned out or plucked until they merely resembled a thin, arched line that separated the eyes and the forehead. Or even worse – the gray squiggle-of-a-badly-misrepresented-eyebrow via tattoo. Or God forbid – the over-plucked hook-shaped eyebrows. Shiver.

bad eyebrows

But then again, eyebrows that are too bold or bushy will have people running away at your prehistoric caveman-sense of fashion.


Just kidding. Well, kind of.

The truth is, eyebrows are kind of like the foundations you lay down before you build a house. Without a firm infrastructure, the whole house collapses. And the same can be said about eyebrows. Without nicely shaped eyebrows that match the face, your makeup might as well be without a soul.

With that said, eyebrows should be trimmed and groomed regularly. Yes, tweezers, small scissors, and miniscule razors/blades are allowed. But do not have too much fun with the tools that you overdo anything.

Tweezers should be used to pluck the extra hairs that are scattered in the area right above your eyes. Eyebrows should be thick, yes, but to have them extended that far below the eyebrows’ natural shape is too much.

Scissors are for those hairs that belong, but are too long. Do not pluck these. Instead, use scissors to trim just a bit of the length so that they sit naturally with the rest of the hairs.

And last but not least, the razor/blade is typically used to gently groom above the eyebrows. The skin in this area is thicker, unlike the skin right under the eyebrows, so it’s okay to use the razors. I, however, am really scared that my hands will slip, and I’ll shave off my whole eyebrow, so instead, I just use tweezers, even though it’s a bit slow.

Here’s a link to a video of trimming/grooming eyebrows that I’ve watched myself and thought was extremely helpful.

Ultimately, I think the reason why the Korean eyebrows make actresses and idol singers look so good is because their natural-looking brows bring out the face’s structure and make eyes pop against the softness of everything else. And of course, thicker eyebrows really accentuate youth.


Take a look at actress Park Min Young, who is best known for her popular roles in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, City Hunter, and Dr. Jin. Already past her mid-twenties, Park Min Young looks nowhere near 28 (which is how old she’ll turn in a few months). Her soft eyebrows really make her look a lot younger, and it makes her overall appearance very sweet.


Next, let’s look at Uee, popular member of girl group After School from Pledis Entertainment. A lot of people think she looks mean because of the shape of and distance between her eyes, but I think she balances it out quite well in this specific photo with those natural-looking eyebrows. They really soften up her whole face, and she looks a lot more approachable, especially in comparison to her role as the antagonist Yoo He Yi in SBS’s You’re Beautiful.


Moving along, we have actress Lee Yeon Hee, who is best known for her popular roles in A Millionaire’s First Love, East of Eden, and Phantom. Hitting her mid-twenties on the dot at the age of 25, Lee Yeon Hee really doesn’t look the part. Two years ago, she even passed as the younger 19 year old version of her character, Lee Da Ji, in SBS’s Paradise Ranch. Though she barely has on any makeup, her bold eyebrows really give her whole look structure, and she looks so effortlessly put together.


Jumping back to idols, let’s take a look at Kim Taeyeon, the leader of the sensational group Girls’ Generation from SM Entertainment. Despite being the oldest in the band of girls at the age of 24, Taeyeon is always mistaken to be the youngest member due to her petite figure, and of course, her soft facial features, which are accentuated by her thicker eyebrows. The eyebrows not only make her look younger, but they also give her an overall innocent appearance.


Let’s take another look at another popular actress, Song Hye Kyo, who is known for her remarkable roles in Autumn in My Heart, All In, Full House, and That Winter the Wind Blew. Out of all of the celebrities that are being discussed today, Song Hye Kyo is the oldest at the age of 31. She doesn’t look anywhere near her thirties, though, and aside from her flawlessly luminous, I-don’t-have-a-single-pimple-on-my-face-skin, her natural-looking eyebrows are the perfect accompaniment to such an effortlessly youthful yet gorgeous look.


Once again, let’s hop back to the idols, and this time, we’ll concentrate on Qri (aka Lee Ji Hyun), the current leader of popular girl group T-ARA of Core Contents Media. Turning 27 this December, Qri definitely doesn’t look like the second oldest member at all. In fact, fellow member, Park Jiyeon (age 20), who’s the youngest of the group, actually looks around the same age as Qri. Though she has on bold eyeliner and false eyelashes, Qri perfects her princess image with soft eyebrows, making her look not only effortlessly sweet, but also quite young.


Turning our attention to another popular idol, let’s take a look at Goo Hara, popular member and face of girl group KARA of DSP Media. Like Qri, Goo Hara balances her eye makeup with really naturally done eyebrows, giving off just the right amount of eyeliner boldness against softly innocence. And though Kang Jiyoung (age 19) is the youngest member of KARA, Goo Hara (age 22) is often mistaken to be the youngest.


Finally, let’s take a look at Im Yoona, popular member and face of the sensational Girls’ Generation. Known to be Korea’s “Girl-Next-Door,” and just about every male idols’ ideal girl, Yoona, who is also 22, often passes as younger than her age. Recently, in KBS’s Love Rain, where she plays sweetheart Kim Yoon Hee, Yoona vividly and realistically portrays a young teenage girl who is still in high school. Her whole “girl-next-door” look is effortlessly put together, and her soft eyebrows really play up her youth and facial features.

Don’t you all just love how they look? How do you all do your eyebrows? I’d love to see pictures of all of your own takes on the “Korean” eyebrows. Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoyed it. I’ll be back soon.



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