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It’s April, but the days haven’t been warming up much. In fact, there’ve even been periodic showers here and there, and in just a short twenty-four hours, California seemingly goes through winter, spring, summer, and fall – all four seasons in one day. It’s really hard to find an outfit that fits in with the constantly-changing temperatures, but I’ve put together a warm yet versatile outfit that looks effortlessly cute.

Because the weather’s always acting up, I’ve decided to wear a simple sweatshirt dress. The material is like that of a regular hoodie, so it’s extremely soft, and of course, does its job of keeping me warm. It even has a little hood in the back. To keep the look from being completely boring, I picked a sweatshirt dress that has cute prints on it, so it’s really different and stands out from your typical gray sweater.

I paired the sweater dress with a pair of shorts, and to give the whole outfit a more put-together look, I opted for black leggings, which were worn underneath the shorts.

Finally, to finish off the outfit, I wore a pair of warm and comfortable boots, and accessorized with a cream colored beanie.

This look is great for the fickle weather, and the entire outfit is youthful, flirty, and cute without trying too hard. It’s also very versatile, as it works for school, days out with friends, or even for simple shopping trips.

What do you all wear on those in-between days when the weather’s being bleh? Make sure to leave your answers in the comments section.
On Me

Top: Gray Hooded Heart-Print Sweater Dress

(I don’t have a price for this item because it was a gift. I do know that many online retailers, such as YesStyle, Spicy Avenue, and Eyescream Fashion, do carry this same style, so you can definitely try there.)

Bottom: Cotton On Shorts in Dark Navy Blue, USD $15.00

Shoes: Melrose Avenue Tally Faux-Sheepskin Boots in Tan, USD $19.99

Marc by Marc Jacobs Amy Leather Watch, USD $150.00

Nine West Large Tote/Satchel in Shiny Gray, USD $49.99

Forever21 Beanie in Ivory, USD $10.80

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