Scent of a Woman


Spring has finally arrived, and the fresh breezes and budding flowers of this season really puts me into a girly, flirty mood. The colors of nature are so soft and pretty, and it makes me want to just sit outside for hours under the sunshine so I can admire it. Spring is such a lovely season, so what a better way to welcome it with embracing arms than through floral scents that reflect the sweet weather?

I have always loved perfumes and body fragrances because I think no matter how beautiful an outfit is, the scent of a woman truly captures the true essence of femininity. In addition, perfumes and body fragrances are almost like clothes itself, as scents play a large part into exuding your personality and taste. I believe the way you smell is an important indicator as to what kind of a person you are, reflecting your individuality. As Coco Chanel once said, “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.

Well, I’m not as extreme in my thinking as her, but I do strongly believe that everyone has their own distinctive natural scent, an aroma that belongs solely to them. While there are many strong and overbearing perfume and body fragrances on the market, I choose to purchase and use those that adhere to my own scent because I’m not trying to mask myself, but merely aiming to enhance and magnify the scent I already possess.

Today I wanted to share a few perfumes and body fragrances that I have tried and used throughout the years. Some of these I still use, while others I do not, since I don’t think the scents really match me.

Let’s get started.


First of all, I wanted to share the perfume I use daily, which is Paris Hilton’s Can Can. My dad bought me this perfume awhile ago as a gift because the saleswoman recommended this sweet fragrance, saying it’s perfect for young women. I have to say, she was right because I really like the very candy-like scent of this perfume. It’s really sweet, with light hints of amber and floral undertones. I typically press the pump twice, targeting the scent to the sides of my neck to give the overall fragrance some subtlety. It is a little strong right when you apply it, but as the day goes by, this perfume does an amazing job of staying on you, so that’s a big bonus for me, since typically, I have to be out early in the morning, and I don’t return home until late. Overall, I would give this scent a 4.5 out of 5 because I really like the perfume (as you can see from the amount left in the bottle), but I would subtract 0.5 points for being a little too strong when I first apply it.


A scent that is similar to Paris Hilton’s Can Can would be Britney Spears’ Fantasy. It is also a very sweet scent, although I do find it overbearing at times. It’s more milky and cotton-candy-sweet than Paris Hilton’s, which I find more refreshing. This scent does last super long, though, which is a factor that I have to applaud. But, as I’ve said before, it’s a little too strong for me, so I don’t think I’ll be reusing this anytime soon. I would give this a 3 out of 5, mainly because of the adorable packaging, but the scent is too much for me.


Next, I want to share my thoughts on Poeme by Lancome, which is a very floral perfume. Though I really like the classic flowery fragrance of this perfume, I have to say the smell is a little too strong for me, or more specifically, my age group. Poeme is very bold, classy, and elegant, and I think it would be perfect for a woman in her later twenties and early thirties, but for me, I feel that it’s definitely a little too mature for me as of right now. I would rate this 3 out of 5, since it is a very beautiful scene, but it’s just not the one for me yet.


Moving along, this next perfume is Soir de Fète Parfums Eau de Toilette, which is made in France. The French words “soir de fete” translates into “evening party” in English, and like its name suggests, this scent is perfect for an evening event, such as a formal dinner or dance. This perfume smells like roses, and it’s a very refreshingly sweet scent, though I wouldn’t wear it every day, because I do think it’s a little strong for daytime. I also really like the pretty bottle of this perfume because the designs are really intricate. However, one of the downsides of this perfume is that it’s discontinued, and no department stores or even online retailers carry it anymore. I would give this perfume a 3.5 out of 5, since I really do like the scent, but I do not think it’s versatile for everyday wear.


Next up is the Vintage J.C. Brosseau’s Ombre Rose Perfume. Just like Soir de Fete, the scent is largely made up of floral fragrances. This one is a little lighter than Soir de Fete, and I think it would be great for daytime wear. The bottle is also very cute. I love the round shape of it because I’m always very intrigued by elaborate designs. Perfumes are usually contained in rectangular bottles, so when I saw the flat, rounded shape of this fragrance, I was immediately captured by the unique outer appearance. However, just like Soir de Fete, not many places carry this perfume any longer. There are a few retailers on eBay and such that do sell the bottle, but not the perfume. And like Soir de Fete, I would give J.C. Brosseau a 3.5 out of 5 for the same reasons.



And here, I have my two newest additions, which are the Versace Bright Crystal and Gucci Envy Me. I received these two as gifts from a friend recently, so I’ve yet to try them, but I’m very excited to test them out. I’ve sampled both of these, and I notice the scents are similar, with the exception of the Versace being a little lighter than the Gucci. Both perfumes are more floral, with peonies as one of their main ingredients. The Versace, though, is more flowery, while the Gucci is more citrus-based, as it contains more fruits, such as pomegranate and pineapple. Both of these bottles are extremely pretty, and I love that they’re so small and cute.


Last, but definitely not least are the fragrance mists I usually like to wear on more casual and laidback days, such as when I go to school or when I’m out running errands. The difference between fragrance mists and perfumes are that mists are a more diluted version of perfumed scents, so it’s a lot lighter. The three that I use most frequently and interchangeably (depending on my mood) are Bath and Body Works Winter Candy Apple and Sensual Amber, as well as Victoria’s Secret Sexy Little Things Noir. Winter Candy Apple is light and refreshing, a very fruity girly scent. Sensual Amber is more musky, exuding a more mature and sexy vibe. And contrary to its name, Sexy Little Things Noir is actually a sweet and flirty scent that isn’t too sexy. It’s more mysterious and emanates a sexily classy charm.

What kinds of scents do you all like to use? Be sure to leave your replies in the comment box because I’d love to hear what other fabulous scents are out there. I hope you all enjoyed my post, and I’ll be back again soon!


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